Rising Starlet: Rachel Alig

Tipped to be a blossoming leading lady, RACHEL ALIG has a red-hot sexiness that’s unforgettable. Just as her blissfully sweet performance in “Bikini Spring Break”, RACHEL goes beyond being a sex bomb onscreen and genuinely shines in the light-hearted moments of the raunchy comedy. Granted her curves are 100% delectable in or out of a bikini, the stunning brunette possesses the versatility to portray sentiments … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Rachel Alig

Hot Comedienne: Emily Maya Mills

Funny woman are rapidly becoming the newsmakers of today and cutie EMILY MAYA MILLS can definitely rank as one to keep our fixation on. In a time when Lena Dunham has imprinted her own style on HBO series “Girls” and Beth Beths from “2 Broke Girls” becoming a sitcom princess, it’s driving the point home how there’s a wealth of amazing female comics! While she … Continue reading Hot Comedienne: Emily Maya Mills