Rising Starlet: Larissa Vereza

Larissa Vereza is the sort of cutie we’ll be entranced with faster than you can say “linda menina”, proving just how much of a lovely girl she is. Thank the lucky stars, 2014 has given us this Brazilian beauty who is poised to win hearts in the US and soon internationally. She may have just crossed over to Hollywood with her leading lady role in … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Larissa Vereza

Delectable TV Sirens To Watch in 2011

AYNSLEY BUBBICO http://vimeo.com/10568302 Why She’s Delectable: One of my personal favorites, Aynsley Bubbico is a charmer on all fronts. Down-to-earth and thoroughly enchanting, she easily fits the bill of a ‘Dream Girl’, a most glowing cutie 100% of the time. Aynsley played Laura, the bitchy short tempered sorority sister to perfection and she’s already returned to Season 4 of “Greek” in an all new episode. … Continue reading Delectable TV Sirens To Watch in 2011