Rising Starlet: Andrea Stefancikova

We often have an endless adoring gaze towards stunning women and Andrea Stefancikova is certainly a breathtaking beauty. This vivacious Czech-born, Vancouver-based model/actress stars in “Kidnapped in Romania”, the indie drama which sees her alongside Michael Madsen and Paul Sorvino. Here’s Andrea revealing more about her role in “Kidnapped in Romania” and her upcoming projects: So my film “Kidnapped in Romania” was was directed by … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Andrea Stefancikova

Indie Princess: Lili Baross

http://vimeo.com/118302184 Mesmerizing and breathtakingly captivating, Lili Baross is surely bound to be very much sought after. She shone as the leading lady Gretel in The Asylum horror flick “Hansel Vs Gretel, towing the line between Good and Evil as she falls under the influence of a dark spell. As you will discover playing the villain lets Lili explore the multi faceted personality which has that … Continue reading Indie Princess: Lili Baross