Sexy Siren: Jill Wagner JILL WAGNER is the super hot hostess and actress whose breathtaking sauciness has conquered both the big and small screen. Recognized as the face of “Wipeout”, she’s probably the reason we’re glued to our TV sets over the years. If you’re hungry like a wolf for JILL that’s because she portrayed wild and wacky Kate Argent on “Teen Wolf”. She happens to be a … Continue reading Sexy Siren: Jill Wagner

Quirky Saucy: Nicole LaLiberte

Effortlessly glamorous with a coyness that can leave men giddy with unbridled lust, Sex Kitten Nicole LaLiberte is garnering avid attention on TV. Oh and she’s also heating up the web world in the music video from the series “How To Make It In America”. Check it out (above) at around the ‘2:05’ mark as she shows some skin and playfully utters the catch phrase … Continue reading Quirky Saucy: Nicole LaLiberte