Scare LA 2016 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Jessica Messenger


Blossoming enticers of independent film do come in the beauteous form of Jessica Messenger who is establishing herself as a versatile talent. At this year’s Scare LA, she’s starring in “The Final Girl”, a throwback to the popular ’80s slasher flicks. She’s the eponymous trope who as the lone survivor tries to outwit her murderous pursuers Baghead and Babyface. Jessica is facilely giving us a taste of her charisma as a Scream Queen so look out for the bloody twist at the end! It’s time to have her headline a Hammer-influenced feature film, seeing how she’s equally engaging in the horror as well as the dramatic genre.

Highlights for Jessica have included lead roles in “Beneath A Neon Tide” and “Wasteland”, the latter a character-driven post-apocalyptic film where she shone as a woman unable to handle the isolation that comes with evading zombies. Steadily assimilating an amalgamation of 2 genres, Jessica excels in another short film called “Rats” which has her as Jess, an undergraduate who is lusted after by her academic teacher and he goes to terrifying lengths to impress her. Jessica is already claiming the mantle of one of the most authentic indie actresses from the UK and it won’t be long before she’s passionately embraced globally.

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British Vixen: Atlanta Johnson


Alluring actress/model Atlanta Johnson is on track to whip up avidity from audiences with her debut leading lady role in the suspense-filled “Carnivore”. She stars as Abi, a woman who together with her boyfriend Dave are terrorised by a fearsome beast just as they are trying to reignite their love. Could life be any more distressing and just like the fractured lovebirds, theirs is about to get harrowingly so. IMDB has even put “Carnivore” on its esteemed trailers list which is an acclamation of its exciting premise. Zombies are all the rage but we will always have a soft spot for werewolf flicks and “Carnivore” ratchets up the creature feature with thrilling pulsation weaved within layers of drama as well as action. Atlanta shines with her dynamic range from dealing with romantic troubles to taking up arms against the ravenous werewolf as the feisty Abi.

Abi also happens to be a business woman from the US and kudos to the London-born Atlanta for enchanting us as an American. This certainly harkens back to the days of the 1981 cult classic “An American Werewolf In London” where in similar fashion US citizens were under attack by a lycan on British soil. Atlanta is someone who relishes in transforming herself onscreen and points to her dedication as a talent on the rise. This elegant brunette is slated to star in the short film “Voices In The Darkness” which will see her as Miss May, a very troubled psycho patient in the asylum set in the 1940s. We’ve seen breakout stars in the realm of horror and Atlanta could soon be a fetching face to watch in 2016.