Screen Siren: Brigitte Millar


Award-winning actress, the enchanting Brigitte Millar is going to be thrusted into the spotlight this week and beyond. She is making an appearance in “Spectre”, the latest instalment of the beloved James Bond franchise which could be Daniel Craig’s swan song. Brigitte takes on the part of German baddie Dr Vogel and we all know female villains have such great fun in Bond films. She also got to work with Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz and the amazing cast so you can affirm that Brigitte is on the cusp of making waves. She’s also starring in the buzzworthy sci-fi film “The Quiet Hour” alongside Dakota Blue Richards who stars as a gritty teenage girl protecting her brother from alien invaders in a post-apocalyptic England. As Kathryn, Brigitte is absorbing in her villainous streak as the gang leader of a band of marauders who are a threat to Dakota’s Sarah.

With her assertive poise on screen, Brigitte delves into her matriarchal persona with aplomb in a display of vicious authority. She may have started her career late in life but in 2011, she garnered a Best Supporting Actress Award at the International Film Festival in Los Angeles for her role as ‘Amelia Holland’ in ‘David is Dying’ directed by Stephen Lloyd Jackson. Winning 8 awards in the United States alone, it has the honour of being the first British independent feature film to do so which surely must be impacted by Brigitte’s sterling contribution to the film. Seeing how she’s lined up to thrill us in the horror genre (which by the way is always a top pick for me) for a new horror anthology, expect the level of interest for her to multiply.

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ScreamFest 2015 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Rebecca Van Cleave


Up and coming actress/model Rebecca Van Cleave is a picture of alluring beauty which would make her pretty irresistible for admirers. At this year’s ScreamFest, catch her in the short film “The Prey” as a woman who after an argument with her boyfriend sees her world turn even darker on a Halloween Night. Be it Elizabeth Henstridge of “Marvel’s Agents of Shield” or Jenna Coleman of “Dr Who” fame, our passion for brunette actresses with British roots is a given and will keep growing with the emergence of the ravishing Rebecca. In “The Prey”, she’s drenched in blood on film as well as the poster and yet she is still definably attractive before our eyes. She does come across as an enigma which serves to generate a spell of fascination for her I’m sure.

Rebecca was also the body double for Lena Headey in the infamous nude scene that involved Cersei’s walk of shame on the recent season of “Game Of Thrones”. Kudos to Rebecca’s bravado in taking on such a draining scene for 3 days for which she got glowing praise by Lena herself. Even director David Nutter jumped on the complimentary bandwagon by affirming her professionalism. As she evolves and immerses herself in more thought-provoking roles, there’s every chance Rebecca could soon be a household name.

Even though I’ve been bogged down by urgent family laters lately, I’m looking forward to having an interview with Rebecca in the coming months. She might just be part of the new generation of talents that could make waves.