Sizzling Cutie: Lauren Baldwin

actress lauren baldwin the circle

Invitingly luminous, Lauren Baldwin is on course to garner attention seeing how she’s in a star-studded sci-fi film due for release in 2017. Look out for her in “The Circle”, the riveting film starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson who plays the fast rising talent in a powerful tech company. Judging from the published work of fiction by esteemed author Dave Eggers, Emma’s Mae Holland is not your average, straight-laced woman as she might just lean to Machiavellian intentions in a futuristic world. We can’t wait to watch the story arc of Lauren’s character Gretchen in “The Circle” that paints the dangerous picture of a dystopian society fueled by technology.

actress lauren baldwin red carpet

She’s been in several independent features which include the thriller “Rage Of Innocence”. Her delightful presence on film and television will find amorous standing with audiences. Here’s Lauren giving us an insight into her role in “Rage of Innocence”:

I play Josette, the babysitter. I am the picture of innocence and all that is good, in stark contrast to Raven who is played by Stef Dawson (who appeared as Annie Cresta in the Hunger Games franchise). It’s a challenging role and the audience will hopefully be rooting for my survival throughout the film!

Television is another medium we can take a peek at Lauren as she has guest-starred recently on “The Odd Couple” alongside Thomas Lennon and Lindsay Sloane. She played Donna, a waitress who is mistakenly identified by Emily (Lindsay) as an English Stereotype in Felix’s English themed surprise. It gets awkward for Emily when her own triteness gets the better of her as Donna is revealed to be an employee of Langford’s the bar…oops! Actually Lauren is a British actress dazzling up the LA scene so her gorgeous accent is 100% authentic. Having been born in Merseyside, football fans especially followers of Liverpool F.C. will adore her since she’s an avid supporter. You can also watch Lauren on the shows “You’re The Worst” and “Southland”. Having appeared as Virgin Mary in the indie drama “The God Complex”, Lauren’s immaculate facets are very lovely indeed and should gain her a wealth of followers.

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Most Desirable Indie Starlets @ Action On Film Festival 2016 – Part 2


Benita Robledo & Lisa Ann Walter in “Dependent’s Day”


– Benita Robledo and Lisa Ann Walter are 2 honeys of the screen who have come to the fore with their brand of undeniable charisma.
– As the Leading lady Alice in “Dependents’s Day”, Benita is a standout in her mesmeric performance as a rock of a girlfriend affirming she’s a star in her own right.
– Lisa effortlessly exudes her playful charm and enthrals us as Bette, Alice’s boss who admonishes her for sticking around with a loser boyfriend.


Elise Rovinsky in “Standing Eight”


– Blessed with her quirky liveliness, it’s no wonder Elise Rovinsky has gained a warm round of approval for her work in a myriad of indie features.
– Watch her dazzle as Dr. Meuller in “Standing 8” who breaks the news to leading man Dusty Abrams, a professional boxer about his debilitating lupus condition.
– Seeing how she’s bilingual thanks to her Swedish roots, we wouldn’t mind seeing the Elise fronting a Swedish feature or two.


Esther Canata in “Slammed!”


– As Crystal Brown in “Slammed”, the gorgeous and accomplished Esther Canata adds an array of sensual flavours into the action thriller.
– She is a woman of brilliant shades having enchanted so many of us over the years as an actress of the stage and screen as well as a singer/songwriter.
– Esther has been commended as a delight and why not when she’s a heady mix of tempting pleasantness every time she’s onscreen.

Marilyn Ghigliotti in “Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter”


– We adore Marilyn Ghigliotti for her effusive spunk and for her becoming an indie film icon thanks to her memorable performance as Veronica in “Clerks”.
– She’s appearing in “Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter” alongside Tracey Birdsall which is set in a world where humanity has to take the stand against robot overlords ruling Earth.
– Marilyn is reprising her role in the third and final instalment of film-maker Kevin Smith’s ‘Clerks’ series to be released in 2018, bringing back her brassy vigor for all to enjoy.


Ellen Dubin in “The Red Maple Leaf”


– In keeping with the mysterious tone of the political thriller “The Red Maple Leaf”, glimpses of the enigmatic Ellen in the trailer suggests we’ll be profoundly captivated.
– A powerhouse actress herself, Ellen joins an illustrious group of women such as Mira Sorvino and the late Doris Roberts in elevating this suspense-filled tale.
– Beautiful inside and out, she’s continually put on a pedestal of adoration on this blog as she’s a friend for life, imbuing our planet with her indisputable congeniality.


Tara Westwood in “Detours”


– This year, Tara Westwood was the embodiment of desirability having engaged in a sex scene with Elaine Hendrix who plays Eva in “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll”.
– She also shone with her vulnerability as Jennifer Giraldi who goes on an eye-opening road trip with her widowed dad in the must-watch “Detours”.
– If ever there was a vixen to fawn over then the comely Tara would be a Canadian darling many of us easily find ourselves devoted to.

Fiona Hardingham in “Bad Frank”


– A list of sterling actresses is not complete without the attraction of a British talent and Fiona Hardingham does indeed warrant our affection.
– She’s already notable for her darkly funny performance in the award-winning short “Manager” so be sure to catch her threading much darker territory in the thriller “Bad Frank”.
– Many will appreciate that even though she’s a genuine cutie, Fiona is adept at pulling off varying looks to personify the traits of the enthralling characters she plays.


Constance Brenneman in “Traded”


– One of the most eye-catching ladies of the indie world, Constance has hypnotised viewers every so often in compelling fashion on a host of films.
– She stars in the western flick “Traded” as Amelia, a woman whose husband goes on an adventure to find their runaway daughter after a family tragedy.
– In 2016 and beyond, Constance is about to be held in high regard as she takes on a number of absorbing roles spanning the genres of horror and drama.