Horror Vixens To Crave @ ShriekFest 2015


1. Montana Marks & Rosebud Baker in “6:15”

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– What better than to be in awe of cuties Montana Marks and Rosebud Baker when they make history as the leading ladies of the first ever One-Take POV Zombie feature “6:15”.
– This could be the film that propels Montana Mark to rapid fandom seeing how she’s the stunner with the girl-next-door looks who is making waves in the indie horror scene.
– While Rosebud is also a standup comic, she’ll garner plenty of attention by dazzling in yet another innovative take on the addictive zombie movie roster.

2. Laura Niles & Fiona Hardingham in “Chatter”

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– “Chatter” puts the fear into our use of social media and it so happens stars 2 sexy sirens who are blessed with attractiveness that’s so prevalently magnetic.
– Laura has already been praised as being an absolute sizzler throughout and she’s a horror honey with the desirability of a Sex Bomb.
– Fiona is a British actress with such an endearing affront coupled with seriously enchanting talent that ensures we establish a loving affinity for her.

3. Marita Gomsrud in “The Wrong Profile”


– There’s a cool factor when heaping compliments on Nordic beauties and Norwegian-born Marita is certainly a performer who mesmerises us into willing submission.
– She’s starring in the short film “The Wrong Profile” which delves into the lives of serial killers and the FBI agents who hunt them, polar opposites on either side of the law.
– Although I couldn’t find a trailer for her movie, Marita is the definition of sauciness in the music video “Bottom Of My Heart” (above) as she makes love to one randy doll.

4. Hannah Levien & Lynn Lowry in “The Divine Tragedies”

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– Beloved Scream Queen Lynn Lowry joins blossoming indie horror starlet Hannah Levien in “The Divine Tragedies”, a tale of 2 sadistic brothers who take pleasure in killing.
– After her captivating performance as a Greek Goddess in “Supernatural”, Hannah’s follow-up sees her in a dual role of Vanity, a British hooker and the endearing waitress Genevieve.
– Her movie “Model Hunger” proved that Lynn still has plenty of sensual appeal on top of being a horror icon and she will no doubt add dynamism whenever she takes to the camera.

5. Julia Aks in “Clinger”


– We do love women who have the old world charm as well as beauty and many will be besotted with Julia’s fetching looks.
– One only has to witness her spot-on comic delivery in the horror-comedy “Clinger” to fall for her as the cynical Kelsey Peterson, a performance worthy of repeat viewing.
– With comparisons to Lisa Kudrow bestowed upon her, Julia is destined to be regarded as an exciting scene-stealer with a fun, vivacious spirit.

English Rose: Antonia Bernath


It’s a beautiful thing when we can’t stop having crushes on British actresses and why not when they have such sweet allure as rising star Antonia Bernath. She is appearing as Susan Borman in “The Astronauts Wives Club”, the Gemini Nine wife whose composure we will soon discover is a stark contrast to her struggles to be the perfect wife. This sets up intriguingly in her interactions with the wives of the Mercury Seven and it’s going to get juicier with every moment since she’s a fixture on many of the upcoming episodes. One can sense the spotlight has somewhat shifted to the New Gals with their Spacemen hubbies and as Susan, Antonia could well turn heads starting with this week’s episode ‘Flashpoint’. Her doll-like features are reminiscent of beauties such as Emma Stone and Haley Bennett, the endearing facets of Antonia likely to generate waves of interest.

Antonia was also in one of my fav British films called “St Trinians” which had her playing the sexy Chloe, a posh schoolgirl with quite the smarts yet who is just a tad naive. She did however enraptured many hearts in the comedy with the coquettish voice that would have make lots of schoolboy blush. Antonia has even been praised by the press for stealing the show in “Kisna”, a Bollywood film where she spent time shooting in India and shone like a radiant angel. In the UK, she was in the series “Trinity” alongside Charles Dance aka Tywin Lannister, as Charlotte Arc, a new student of the prestigious Trinity College who soon discovers the covert world of secret societies. At this moment, Antonia is leaving her mesmerizing mark on television and we can’t wait to see even more.