British Vixen: Nicole Faraday


The UK is becoming the epicentre of esteemed talents and Nicole Faraday is once such thespian with wonderful promise. This gorgeous actress is starring in the revenge thriller “Kill Kane” playing Kim Brookes, the wife of the character Vinnie Jones is essaying which is a surprising turn in itself. Abandoning his screen forays as mostly villains most recently on “Arrow”, he’s a force of nature only this time around he’s a broken man seeking vengeance for the murder of his beloved family. This is Nicole’s 2nd role in a film with gangster elements having starred in “Top Dog” which premiered at Cannes. Blessed with drop dead gorgeous curves and classic blonde beauty foxiness, Nicole has proven to be a cut above just being a pretty face having garnered awards for her work on television as well as theatre. Seeing how she’s also steadily making a beguiling mark on us thanks to her sterling film work, there’ll be more awards coming her way pretty soon.

It’s apt that her onscreen versatility has seen Nicole shine in the persona of women who are nice, naughty and sometimes with shades of a dark side. Plus viewers would say a big yes to her sexy British accent which instantaneously seems to have an endearing effect on you no matter where you are in the world. Nicole is one of Britain’s rising stars and in 2016 she could make it a mesmerizing year indeed.

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Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 14 Dec 2015


Angela DiMarco in “Z-Nation”


– Naturally ravishing Angela DiMarco is symbolic of the allure of women on television in the modern era who are changing the landscape of what’s engrossing us week in,week out.
– In the latest episode of “Z-Nation” entitled ‘Day One’, Angela plays the no-nonsense lawyer of Citizen Z (DJ Qualls), appearing at the very start as she pushes for her client interests until he’s offered an intriguing and ultimately perilous offer.
– Having also been on the hit show “Grimm”, Angela is odds on to dazzle on film, especially in the indie genre where she’s going to be persuasively enchanting in the upcoming LGBT supernatural romance “Brides To Be”.

Coralie Rose in “Rise Of The Footsoldier 2”


– With her sweetheart appeal and seductive beauty, Coralie Rose would certainly be on the top of the list when it comes to British actresses who are undeniably sensual.
– Coralie reprises her role as the foxy Denny in the violent thriller “Rise Of The Footsoldier 2” who is the catalyst for her husband Carlton Leach to reconsider his options as a gangster when she walks out of his life.
– She’s actually blessed with multi-cultural roots which leads to her having a distinctively beguiling disposition that merits fondness.

Vanessa Vander Pluym in “The Librarians”


– Vanessa Vander Pluym is stealing plenty of hearts as the fictional Queen Of Hearts in the second season of “The Librarians” and she’s returning for more head-chopping thrills on this week’s episode “And the Point of Salvation”.
– One can see how she revels in her role as the villainous monarch from Alice In Wonderland lore and adds a lively merriness to the often fantastical worlds conjured in “The Librarians”.
– Go check her out in “Jane The Virgin” as she’s in the recurring role of wrestler Juicy Jordan which has added to her already impressive run on several hit TV shows.

Marisa Persson in “Defending Santa”


– The Holiday Season brings much cheer to viewers especially since the darlings of the small screen such as the vivacious Marisa Persson is giving us moments to cherish.
– She can be seen in the holiday movie “Defending Santa” airing on ION TV this week as Dr Flowers who does an evaluation of a man asleep in the woods claiming to be Santa Claus!
– Her divine features are a joy to behold and Marisa has the ethereal versatility that’s seen her shine on a range of mediums.