Indie Princess: Jennymarie Jemison

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If ever there was a scene stealer on the indie scene then JENNYMARIE JEMISON is poised to wow us with her relatable appeal. Taking on the mantle of geek with a vengeful streak in “The Quiet Girl’s Guide to Violence”, her portrayal of the bookish Holly and the transformation to avenging angel is riveting! A standout depiction of Holly, a victim of childhood bullying who resorts to violence by JENNYMARIE does mean she’s in line to be one of this year’s rising starlets. She is not only the star, but also the producer and co-writer of this most darkly fascinating piece. Even the nerdy glasses she has on in “The Quiet Girl’s Guide to Violence” can’t disguise her gorgeousness, serenely cute with a lovable touch. Of course she complements her attributes with her acting chops which is at times subtly captivates as she captures the nuances of complex personas.

The JENNYMARIE JAMISON OFFICIAL SITE should be your next stop to find out more about her. Indie fav “Loves Her Gun”, the bitingly unnerving drama may be one where she has a tiny part in but here’s a piece of trivia. The gun she shoots in the feature was the very gun that Bruce Willis uses in Sin City! Remember to watch JENNYMARIE when the DVD is released sometime in March 2014. A breakthrough year for her is in the offing and that unique approach where she’s visually expressive onscreen should bolster her case…:)

Austin Film Fest 2013 Spotlight: Indie Princess Marya Beauvais

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Her seductive name should be the trigger for avid interest and MARYA BEAUVAIS is equally stunning in person as she is an onscreen talent. Can u guess her lineage? Hint: She’s a heady mix of pristine European grace akin to someone like Diane Kruger although she’s a woman of many nationalities. While she has been in the big budget remake “Fright Night” as a saucy schoolteacher ( fantasies abound right there), her next film “The Odd Way Home” takes on the indie route. Starring alongside Rumer Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis, this is a tale for those who love quirky films. It’s about seeing a connection between people in spite of differences and “The Odd Way Home” makes its premiere at the Austin Film Fest which is now in full swing…:) MARYA does have the stirring face for dramas such as this and you can also catch her in “Tiger Eyes” which stars one of my fav actresses Willa Holland of “Arrow” fame.

Her upcoming project “The Dirty Girls Social Club” will see her as a battered wife whose rosy life is in reality a facade. It’s a complex character study and I do believe MARYA has the necessary gravitas to shine. In fact, the director is over the moon to have MARYA in the cast and that says a lot about her enchanting qualities. She’s growing into her own as a lady who can leave us heartstrucked.