Hotties on Film, TV, DVD and The Web – 3rd July 2016


Michelle Rose in “Six Gun Savior”


– Michelle delivers a captivating performance as Elizabeth Russell, the female gunslinger with a heart in “Six Gun Savior”, the indie western with a supernatural twist.
– The striking brunette is a resonating beauty in this film, with a grit that’s on par with her old flame Hawk (Matthew Ziff) whose made a pact with the Devil himself.
– Don’t miss the bewitching Michelle in the upcoming Tyler Perry-directed drama series “Too Close To Home” which has its share of political scandals and feuds.

Alyshia Ochse in “Marauders”


– The gorgeous Alyshia may sport a shaven head as the cancer stricken Jill in the heist thriller “Marauders” but she perfects the nuances of an anaemic woman with spirited pureness.
– “Marauders” is not your average crime caper with an emphasis on its emotionally wrought characters as much as its action and Alyshia shines in the skin of Jill’s affliction.
– Her luscious appeal and onscreen poise is taking Alyshia to even greater heights which affirms that many are already hooked on this precious talent.

Christina Wren in “Batman Vs Superman Extended Cut”


– Christina has always been refreshingly ebullient onscreen and two movies into the franchise as Major Farris, she’s ever the chipper gal despite the carnage happening around her.
– In “Batman Vs Superman Extended Cut”, she may not yet don the long rumoured mantle as Star Sapphire but if she does so in the future, we’ll have our hearts charmed.
– With her ever youthful looks and fun personality, Christina could well make for a lovable super heroine or two so keep being one of her fanboys.

Caroline Herbert in “I Saw The Light”


– The luminous Caroline can be seen as Ellie, one of the paramours of country-western singer Hank Williams (Tom Hiddleston) in the biopic “I Saw The Light”.
– She’s a sweetheart that’s on an enchanting ascent especially with an upcoming role alongside James Franco and Amy Smart in the anthology dram “Mississippi Requiem”.
– Look out for Caroline in “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back”, the high octane sequel with the titular protagonist as played by Tom Cruise being accused of murder.

British Vixen: Charlotte Kirk

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It’s the come-hither eyes of actress Charlotte Kirk that’s set to stir our senses and she’s every bit a rising starlet. Expect her to amass fans the world over with her upcoming appearances in the thriller “Vice” starring Bruce Willis and as Nicole Brown Simpson in “An American Mystery”. Her character is of course as the wife of controversial figure O.J. Simpson whose murder trial was highly publicized. Come Jan 16, 2015, mark the date as we get to fawn over Charlotte on the big screen in “Vice”. It’s the type of high profile film to boost her ever growing appeal. After all, this photogenic cutie has been photographed by renowned Vogue photographer Patrick Demarchelier.

Video gamers would have also saw her as Chloe, the pig-tailed school girl assassin in the actioner “Tekken: Kazuya’s Revenge”. With the news that Harley Quinn is in the big screen treatment of “Suicide Squad”, Charlotte portrayed Chloe with as much gleeful sauciness as Joker’s infamous sidekick. If you’ve seen the stunner that is Chloe, this English temptress can certainly amp up the tease and she can certainly be just as sexy as Margot Robbie! While fellow English actress Lily Collins has the signature bushy eyebrows, Charlotte does have soft, seductive ones too. These are features that should be often heralded in beautiful women such as Charlotte.

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