Actress Spotlight: Louise Linton

Scottish Blonde Bombshell Louise Linton ranks as this week’s desirable face on account of her 2 very pleasing appearances on film. With the release of “Cabin Fever” on DVD, we get a taste of her comeliness and expanse as the kooky Deputy Winston who encounters the unfortunate victims of the ravenous flesh eating disease. It’s impressive that Louise wonderfully engages in the role that was … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Louise Linton

Actress Spotlight: Nadine Crocker

Exuding the divine sensuality worthy of a passion movement, Nadine Crocker is this week’s obsession. The star of “Cabin Fever”, the remake of Eli’s Roth cult hit will take you on a terrifying and ultimately bloody ride of body horror, so relevant with what’s happening in our diseased-ravage world. It’s going to be a Valentine’s Day massacre on screen and one could say that the … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Nadine Crocker