Sydney Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Neveen Hanna

We most certainly will be in unison to discuss the finery of Australian actresses and Neveen Hanna should be heading down adoring street. She appears in “Australia Day” starring Bryan Brown and Isabelle Cornish which screens at this year’s Sydney Film Festival. This is a drama that should stir much discussion considering it doesn’t shy away from exposing intolerance and prejudice that’s always been brimming … Continue reading Sydney Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Neveen Hanna

Aussie Vixen: Sally Greenland We’ve already seen America fall in love with Australian actresses and SALLY GREENLAND is a good prospect to continue that devotion. From the big screen to the small, it’s an OZ invasion we hope grows unabated. I’m sure most are already captivated by fellow Aussie brunette Lily Sullivan from the new TV series “Camp” and in the short film arena, SALLY is about to … Continue reading Aussie Vixen: Sally Greenland