HollyShorts Film Fest 2013 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Ayden Mayeri

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You may catch a glimpse of the bewitching AYDEN MAYERI in the romp of a horror short “Haven’s Point at this year’s Hollyshorts and she’s a genial delight. While she has informed me that the major scenes she’s in got cut because they were too comedic, she is a nonetheless someone we can’t help but keep note of. AYDEN has those indelibly exotic features which as we know are bound to be the focus of endless infatuation. Head over to my fan page and you’ll find out how I’m suddenly having a penchant for performers with the most alluring of looks, be it of Persian (in the case of Miss AYDEN) or Indonesian descent. They are certainly the object of our heart’s affection.

Check out her bio:”If you’d like to contact Ms. Mayeri for an audition or offer her a job that doesn’t require her to serve food while naked” at the AYDEN MAYERI OFFICIAL SITE. Captivated yet…lol! Her perky spontaneity should be telling enough of her talents as a funny woman. She is the creator and star of the successful comedy web series called “Harder Than It Looks” that has a few silly celebrity cameos.

She also was part of the comedy/horror film Chastity Bites and in the midst of shooting the comedy feature film “Girlfriends” where she plays a Persian Reality Star. Can’t wait for her to shine in the coming months!

Hot Brunette Of Summer: Jasmine Waltz

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If you want a real-life Femme Fatale, sinfully saucy JASMINE WALTZ is here to deliver on all counts and stir up some naughtiness along the way. From allegedly being the other woman who caused the breakdown of the David Arquette/Courtney Cox union to being the scandalous highlight of a Valentine’s Day Sex Tape, JASMINE is increasingly becoming a top draw for entertainment gossip. She was even famously once in a bust up with a certain Lindsay Lohan and probably many were wishing she belted some sense into Lindsay (apparently JASMINE didn’t lay a hand on her but she sure wanted to!). Granted JASMINE can be a magnet for controversy but we shouldn’t be so quick to judge as she is plying her trade in an industry where eyes are constantly fixated on what you do. It’s best to draw attention to what JASMINE has and will do as a performer and of course how sultry she is, quite often in various stages of undress…:) She will go topless in the 2-Part Finale of “Femme Fatales” entitled “Visions” as Tara, a Magician’s Assistant with an erotic sensuality and the seductive feminine wiles to get what she wants. There’s a sexually-charged feistiness that she applies to great effect in many of her roles.

Who can ever forget seeing her all tied up in the nude bondage style from a scene in the indie thriller “Poker’s Run” and how she got the paparazzi snapping away when she washed her car in a strawberry-motif bikini while licking ice-cream…this girl is a firecracker of a tease! Dalliances with leading men such as Ryan Seacrest, Chris Pine, Kellan Lutz, Jesse McCartney and Doug Reinhardt affirms her desirability status. JASMINE WALTZ was born to be WILD and who’s to say this raven-haired vamp is not a sweetheart underneath the racy affront. We’re already looking forward to her next tempting escapade or celebrity hookup!