Action On Film Festival Spotlight 2014: Indie Queen Calista Carradine

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An enigmatic, multi-talented actress in her own right, Calista Carradine is showing us why we should rightly be fond of her. She is of course the daughter of the legendary David Carradine, famed for his exceptional work on “Kung Fu” as well as numerous movies. Calista grew up learning martial arts and having caught the acting bug, she now inhabits the pugilist arena among many others. She’s even been honored as Miss Golden Globe which till today honors children of celebrities. Since Action on Film does celebrate amazing action-oriented movies, catch Calista in “The Jade Trader” screening on 28th August. In this martial arts flick, Calista is in a supporting role and she also happens to be co-producing it. Continuing the legacy her father left, Free Carradine, her brother is also starring in the film which is about the struggle between a jade trader and a triad leader.

Calista can also be seen in the upcoming indie slasher “Hitchhiker Massacre” and “Mansion Of Blood”. She’s someone who’s not content to just sit on her pedigree, choosing to create and entertain the masses. Calista is handy with a guitar and influenced by greats such as Janis Joplin, she dazzles with her soulful country tunes. While I haven’t had the pleasure to watch her sing, from the videos I’ve seen, she can definitely Rock The World!

Don’t forget to check out the CALISTA CARRADINE OFFICIAL SITE for the latest updates.

HollyShorts Film Fest 2013 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Ayden Mayeri

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You may catch a glimpse of the bewitching AYDEN MAYERI in the romp of a horror short “Haven’s Point at this year’s Hollyshorts and she’s a genial delight. While she has informed me that the major scenes she’s in got cut because they were too comedic, she is a nonetheless someone we can’t help but keep note of. AYDEN has those indelibly exotic features which as we know are bound to be the focus of endless infatuation. Head over to my fan page and you’ll find out how I’m suddenly having a penchant for performers with the most alluring of looks, be it of Persian (in the case of Miss AYDEN) or Indonesian descent. They are certainly the object of our heart’s affection.

Check out her bio:”If you’d like to contact Ms. Mayeri for an audition or offer her a job that doesn’t require her to serve food while naked” at the AYDEN MAYERI OFFICIAL SITE. Captivated yet…lol! Her perky spontaneity should be telling enough of her talents as a funny woman. She is the creator and star of the successful comedy web series called “Harder Than It Looks” that has a few silly celebrity cameos.

She also was part of the comedy/horror film Chastity Bites and in the midst of shooting the comedy feature film “Girlfriends” where she plays a Persian Reality Star. Can’t wait for her to shine in the coming months!