Ravishing Redhead: Taylor Cathcart

https://vimeo.com/81544412 If you harbor a lifelong attraction to crimson-haired cuties then the intoxicatingly beautiful TAYLOR CATHCART does spark a passionate ardor. It’s the best feeling when actresses I’ve featured here go on to carve our a successful career and garner a big following. Believe me there’s been quite a few, each possessing that special trait to wow us. Whether they gained popularity in the very … Continue reading Ravishing Redhead: Taylor Cathcart

Screen Siren: Gloria Laino

With “American Horror Story: Coven” (technically Season 3) making its debut on October 9, I would like to remind fans of the amazing GLORIA LAINO who was on the previous season Asylum. Kudos to the “American Horror Story” series that’s not only shocked audiences the world over with its menagerie of creepy personalities but also for having actresses across the age spectrum. Even though GLORIA’s … Continue reading Screen Siren: Gloria Laino