Foxy Femme: Hilary Greer

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HILARY GREER has a natural sensuality that will have viewers gravitating to her in a hurry. With her photogenic features that’s cameras love and accentuate, this is one raven-haired beauty with her fair share of admirers. If you’re the sort who is into Mädchen Amick then be besotted by the equally stunning HILARY who has her own set of alluring charms. In the anthology horror flick “Chilling Visions: 5 Senses Of Fear”, she puts on a British accent as Miss Margaret, a door-to-door saleslady in the segment “Smell”. Peddling a mysterious cologne to an unlucky man, he will discover that the promise of a change in fortune comes with undesirable consequences. Who doesn’t love a terrifying tale which comes to haunt us just in time for Halloween? Plus we get a swoon-worthy siren in the form of HILARY who can most certainly be our object of obsession.

The HILARY GREER OFFICIAL SITE is definitely worth a visit and remember to check out her collection of enticing photos. If you didn’t know by now, she’s also a commercial print model and comedian. Hilary is just as amazing in the genre comedy and has a comedic feature coming out with youtube star Sam Tsui called “College Musical”. Recently she’s shot both a BMW and Post cereal commercial. A magnet for adoration, HILARY is consistently giving us a taste why she should be cherished.

Sizzling Cutie: Abby Ross

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Budding talent ABBY ROSS is a promising face from Canada who is admirably engaging for someone so tender of age. Flying the flag of the best young talents around the world is amazing to see as ABBY joins the likes of US counterparts Natasha Calis and Madison Davenport, both stars of “The Possession”. This emerging wave of onscreen exuberance became huge no doubt kickstarted by Chloë Moretz (Kick-Ass). Age is no barrier when it comes to making a mark in the industry and at 15, ABBY is set to impress especially when she scored the role of Anastasia on “Seed”. Even though ABBY was up against numerous actresses with far greater experience, “Seed” creator Joseph Raso was taken in by how consummate she is as the rebellious teen archtype whose actual dad is a sperm donor. Discovering her conception was an by artificial means must have been mortifying and ABBY hit all the right notes in portraying the disaffected emotions of teen angst. With 13 episodes in the pipeline, there’s plenty of time for viewers to glimpse her seraphic charms.

She did missed school all of fall to shoot “Seed” and had to do onset tutoring. Having affirmed it was the most amazing experience of her life, the rewards are the fruits of her perseverance since it took countless auditions and trying times (having braces for one) until she finally booked her first real gig! It was when at eight years old that she started getting into acting, dabbling in youth theatre camp…wow! She also has always wanted to be a singer and this will surely augur well for her career as she blossoms into an ingenue whom this generation and the next will come to love.