Latin Vixen: Bertila Damas

BERTILA DAMAS radiates both an impeccable charm as well as a regal allure which we will most enchanting. With THE DVD for Season 2 of “Grimm” now out, there’s every reason to watch the gorgeous BERTILA who made quite the impression on the hit series. Her appearance as Pilar which was so well-received on the “La Llorona” episode of Grimm, it became one of the … Continue reading Latin Vixen: Bertila Damas

Quirky Saucy: Katy Townsend

Sexiness is omnipotent, quirkiness is divine and in Scottish actress KATY TOWNSEND, we find both bewitching facets shimmering within her. Even though she’s based in LA, I bet she’s been beguiling the West End for some time. As you know West End is in Glasgow where KATY hails from and of course, her accent is blissfully mesmerizing. There’s a local lingo used by Glaswegians that … Continue reading Quirky Saucy: Katy Townsend