Sizzling Cutie: Meagann Pallares

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A sparkling lady with an enigmatic nature, MEAGANN PALLARES is likable and complaisantly gracious on every front. She is a cherubic beauty with a myriad of talents guaranteed to make a lasting impression with everyone who comes across her. As we’ve seen with Kat Dennings and Jennifer Lawrence, it’s time we started a movement to appreciate curvaceous women in the entertainment industry. With her series “In Reverie” screening on Nov 11 at the 7 Waves Shorts-N-Stuff Festival, it’s perfect timing to shine the spotlight on the beautiful MEAGANN. She’s the female lead of “In Reverie” as Paisley, a highschooler who has a condition where she’s drifting in and out of daydreams. This causes her touch with reality to be blurred as her own life and those around her start to change. There’s plenty of sex as the episodes progress and the fascinating part for MEAGANN’s character Paisley is the transformation she undergoes from wallflower to being a temptation for guys.

By virtue of her Hispanic background, MEAGANN does have the tinge of sauciness which makes her change from shy to sexy all the more convincing. She has wowed audiences on the stage most notably as Alice in the play Closer, originally played by Natalie Portman in the film version. Kudos to her for being the creator of such a distinctive web series and attention certainly has to be given to the luscious ladies of the web or as I liked to call our Digital Vixens…:) With her ability to wear many hats and her charming warmth, there’s bound to be a long line of supporters already in love with MEAGANN.

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Indie Princess: Lexi Giovagnoli

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If ever there was an upcoming starlet to take note of, LEXI GIOVAGNOLI would definitely be one to evoke admirable glances from viewers. She has a lovable appeal and seeing how she was ever so nice to provide me with some behind the scenes news, here’s me giving her a shout-out! “Bloody Homecoming” is one of her intriguing films in what is billed as “My Bloody Valentines” meets “Prom Night”. Let’s hope LEXI’s the Final Girl in this slasher as she’s adorable and deserves to make it to the film’s end. The other big project she’s a big part of is the Campfire horror “Varsity Blood” as she’s cast alongside horror icon Debbie Rochon (who plays her mother), appearing as Hannah Wallace who together with her fellow cheerleaders are targeted by a maniac wielding a lethal fighting ax and a bow and arrow. She just wrapped “Varsity Blood” although the director and producers are mulling over a title change because there are interested distributors. What’s amazing about LEXI is that she’s juggling her film schedule and school which is clearly tough. Speaking from my own experience, you almost feel swamped and yet you soldier on so it’s highly respectable what LEXI is doing.

She has also delved into comedy with a little bit of magic called “3 Times A Charm” and will be in the drama “1 Chance 2 Dance”. In the latter she recalls one of her favorite bloopers: In the movie there is a cafeteria scene involving Gabby (her character) and her two new friends Dana and Jude. They’re giving Gabby the lowdown on the “Neapolitans”. Anyway during this scene, Teresa (who plays Jude) is explaining the girls’ background in a mini monologue and she was getting it perfect every time, per usual. When the girls had quite a few wonderful takes the director Adam, decided that the word slut might be too much for our PG rating, so he asked Teresa to say poop instead for one take. The next take started like all of the others, but when Teresa got to her script change, she started laughing hysterically. Well hearing Teresa, a comedian in her own right, was cracking up, LEXI couldn’t help but do the same. It took them about 20-30 minutes to be able to stop laughing. Every time they would calm down and start again, Teresa would break at the same spot.

She may be living the life as a student actress yet LEXI is getting a number of leading roles. This cherubic beauty has already made her mark in independent films which could propel her to even bigger roles in the future.