Ravishing Redhead: Mam Smith

http://vimeo.com/5080283 The time is ripe to celebrate the hottest bodies in showbiz and stuntwoman/actress/choreographer MAM SMITH possesses a svelte figure certain to have us saying “Yes MAM”. Her stunt work be it as a high-flying aerialist or engaging in some of the more dangerous exploits onscreen are consistently graceful and athletic. If you’re waiting for the Spiderman “Reborn” arc to begin, MAM is an outstanding … Continue reading Ravishing Redhead: Mam Smith

Sexy Siren: Tracy Phillips

TRACY PHILLIPS is a striking agglomerate of risque sensuality and nostalgic radiance, a glamorpuss at the pinnacle of her feminine wiles. There’s an extroadinary woman! Those were the very words uttered when TRACY appeared in all her Belly Dancing glory from a scene in “Charlie Wilson’s War” where she beguiles leery eyes to further diplomatic ties. She followed that up with a tease of an … Continue reading Sexy Siren: Tracy Phillips