Foxy Femme: Anna Eilinsfeld

The rise and rise of captivators on the small screen grows with the sultry Anna Eilinsfeld a big bet to make us swoon. She’s set to sizzle in this week’s episode entitled “Demons” from the riveting Kevin-Bacon starrer “The Following”. Anna should certainly be on any one of the myriad of hot lists as she’s a vision of desirability ala America’s Next Top Model worthy. … Continue reading Foxy Femme: Anna Eilinsfeld

Foxy Femme: Carly Brooke Pearlstein

Radiantly eye-catching and with the lips of a Goddess, Carly Brooke Pearlstein is on her way to be a mesmerizing actress. She’s certainly doing so on television this week, guest-starring in Episode 5 of the series “Taxi Brooklyn” as Debra Salvo, a fugitive who is the target of the Russian mob. Her character is all action from the start and in one scene gets to … Continue reading Foxy Femme: Carly Brooke Pearlstein