Rising Starlet: Christina Toth

Acknowledged as an exciting young actress, Christina Toth could soon be the upcoming talent with an eye-catching visage. After all, she is quite the cutie with luminous features that would be adore by many. This year’s Big Apple Film Festival sure has a bevy of fascinating women with Christina being one of the sparks since she’s the star of the film Jane St. which is … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Christina Toth

Canadian Vixen: Katerina Taxia

http://vimeo.com/17161571 Numerous glowing reviews of her stint on “Fringe” as FBI Agent Dawson and also as Captain Pike in a reenactment from Star Trek by “The Girls on Film” project points to the growing appeal of KATERINA TAXIA. Kudos to KATERINA and fellow actress Ashleigh Harrington for replacing the male testosterone with their much needed female poise as the young James T. Kirk and Pike … Continue reading Canadian Vixen: Katerina Taxia