Sizzling Cutie: Virginia Welch


With the lovely features destined to grace the arena of entertainment, Virginia Welch is pure enchantment from head to toe. She regarded as thoroughly eye-catching in “DoubleSpeak” as a mother traumatized in the wake of a school shooting. This short film is elevated by her sensitive portrayal on a subject that can so often split views yet has gripped the nation with the number of tragedies that’s gone by.

Here’s Virginia revealing more about her projects:

“Doublespeak” was a passion project filmed in the Bay Area and Fresno. Focusing on two mothers in a small town, it’s concerned with the strings attached to the school shooting epidemic in this country. In addition to creating and producing my own projects I’ve just shot my first book cover for a romance novel. Fun with Fabio! (no, not really Fabio but two lovely gentlemen who were a lot of fun to work with). I’m a huge nerd, love comic books and SciFi (Firefly, Batman, Star Wars, Xmen), myths and folklore and am really getting into art and illustration. Right now I’m teaching myself to sketch and going to start taking lessons from the extremely talented visual effects artist Glen Miller (Hellboy, Titanic, Dogma).”

In “Prosecuting Casey Anthony”, Virginia took on the part as Casey Anthony who is known as the most hated women in America for the media storm she was under as a suspect of her daughter’s murder. She was found not guilty of murdering her 2 year-old Caylee but yet to this day questions still remain about her innocence. Despite the controversial role, Virginia excelled in the shoes of a woman whose mental capacity we will never be able to fully understand. Besides her penchant for taking on complex characters, she’s known as a life long learner, dabbling in everything from languages to cooking. One thing’s certain with so many dazzling traits, Virginia is garnering life long admirers.

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Sizzling Cutie: Mackenzie Meehan

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Cuteness is the cornerstone of many an obsession and the adorable Mackenzie Meehan can certainly set our hearts racing. Her captivating eyes are strikingly beautiful as is her luminous personality on and off screen. Mackenzie is prominent for portraying Hildy Azoff in “The Wolf Of Wall Street” who is the wife of Donnie Azoff (Jonah Hill), the business partner of Jordan Belfort (Leonardo Di Caprio). She dazzled as Hildy who is a rather tough cookie and her outspoken nature make for great comedic moments opposite Jonah as well as Leonardo. Named on Glamour Magazine’s Best Dressed list at the film’s premiere in reverence to her looks in a sexy burgundy dress, that says a lot about her obvious allure. Aussie actress Margot Robbie was not the only one to have stolen the limelight!

Many have also noted that she has impeccable comic timing which she has consistently delivered in the theater scene. Another of her features “These Hopeless Savages”, the road trip comedy is gathering buzz with its easy-going indie charm. Mackenzie plays Nicky, the girlfriend of the lead in the film, Matt Dellapina who is non-committal on the idea of marriage and probably why he goes on the road with his buddy Shawn. Would you rather embark on a bromance or stay home with a beautiful girl? Touch choice but I’m sure most of you already know which option I would choose being a lover of women…;) Whether it’s a big Hollywood project or the more personal drama in smaller productions, Mackenzie has the appeal that seems to propagates with luminosity. At this rate, she does have the potential to be be this year’s “IT” girl.

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