Canadian Vixen: Momona Komagata

Destined to evoke passion thanks to her charismatic poise, Momona Komagata is a Canadian starlet on the rise. Multi-lingual and already an accomplished actress/model/action superstar/gymnast, she’s a born performer destined for swoon-worthy status. It’s about ending the year on a high and Momona is indeed a sizzler to last a lifetime. If you’re into exotic brunettes such as Chloe Bennet and Lindsey Morgan then the … Continue reading Canadian Vixen: Momona Komagata

The Must Watch TV Vixens Of Summer 2014 – Part 2

1. Christina Moore in “Jennifer Falls” – It’s time to include Christina Moore in the ‘Most Beautiful People On The Planet’ list for she’s ravishing be it on film, print and now surely on TV! – She plays Carrie in “Jennifer Falls”, an old friend of Jennifer who still think she’s living the high life after a chance meeting at a health club! – Missy … Continue reading The Must Watch TV Vixens Of Summer 2014 – Part 2