Sizzling Cutie: Whitney Nielsen

We can’t get enough of our women in horror and Whitney Nielsen is looking to fascinate us with her every turn onscreen. Catch her in the “Bloodsucka Jones” which is screening at Crypticon Seattle 2014. Having embraced the independent scene wholly, she’s been seen in several projects that cuts across different genres although horror has been one of the more riveting platforms for her to … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Whitney Nielsen


The Must Watch Horror Hotties @ Crypticon Seattle 2014

1. Jessica Dercks in “Bloodsucka Jones” – I first saw Jessica in “Growth”, the sci-fi flick about body-invading parasites and was of course hooked by her perfect mix of innocence and foxiness. – Vamping it up in “Bloodsucka Jones, Jessica has the killer curves and of course killer fangs as Christine who is targeted by smooth, afro-haired vampire hunter Bloodsucka Jones! – Her recent work … Continue reading The Must Watch Horror Hotties @ Crypticon Seattle 2014