Sizzling Cutie: Natalie Kim

Fitting the bill as a spicy little cocktail, Korean-American comedienne NATALIE KIM gets tastier by the day. While I may have miss out on the premiere of her new web series “SuperTwins“, the reception for the launch of the first episode has been more than glowing. Twice the angst and twice the sardonic lightheartedness, your friendly neighborhood superheroes just got a little cynical. NATALIE plays … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Natalie Kim

Hot Actress #488 – Kristen Nedopak: Ravishing Redhead

She’s been called one of the most unique faces in the industry as well as the hostess with the mostest and KRISTEN NEDOPAK is so deserving of every single adulation heaped on her. She’s a one woman geek encyclopedia, putting her own endearing, all meat no filler spin on the best in fantasy and sci-fi. This bewitching digital vixen of sites such as THINK HERO … Continue reading Hot Actress #488 – Kristen Nedopak: Ravishing Redhead