Rising Starlet: Tessa Munro

Take a liking to the beguiling TESSA MUNRO who this week has hasten the adoration that’s coming her way. On the new series “Perception”, she appears as Jolene Gray, a woman with an obsessive shopping habit (watch the scene above) who happens to be a murder suspect. She’s amazingly exquisite on television and I had long wondered how actresses simulate the welling of tears, something … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Tessa Munro

Hot Actress #492 – Samantha Ivers: Sizzling Cutie

http://vimeo.com/20047498 Nobody does a gangster movie better than the respected US Film Community and the star-studded “GOAT” continues that unadulterated hard-hitting edginess. I too have a thing for the ladies of gangster films ever since Faye Dunaway brandished a gun as the notorious femme fatale in “Bonnie And Clyde” in ’67…ok I’m not that old but it’s a classic that can be had on the … Continue reading Hot Actress #492 – Samantha Ivers: Sizzling Cutie