Hotties On Film, DVD and TV – 29 August 2015

1. Allie McCulloch in “Under The Dome” – Viewers can catch the endearing Allie in the hit sci-fi series “Under The Dome” and she might just shake things up in the already tense atmosphere at Chester’s Mill. – Here’s Allie describing more about her recurring role: I play Dr. Dava Bloom. I work with the head of Aktaion – hector Martin (played by Eriq La … Continue reading Hotties On Film, DVD and TV – 29 August 2015

Rising Starlet: Ashley Sumner

The delectably attractive Ashley Sumner is a name we’ll be hearing a lot and she’s already making a splash in the indie horror genre. In just a short time, Ashley has been cast in several intriguing flicks namely the devilish horror of “6 Degrees Of Hell” and the upcoming “Camp Dread” (formerly titled Dead.TV). The latter will be released through Image Entertainment and will probably … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Ashley Sumner