Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 7th March 2016


Monica Hewes in “Ex-Best”


– Monica’s web series “Ex-Best” is getting plenty of attention, having premiered this week at the Sun Valley Film Festival and this episodic look on friend break-ups and the awkwardness that ensues is certain to strike a chord with audiences.
– She has a distinctive vintage-like beauty and it’s no wonder Monica enchanted us in a flapper garb on an episode of “American Horror Story: Hotel” alongside Lady Gaga.
– Relatable and sweet, she’s certainly a lady we could gravitate towards for the long term and would love to see in a vintage-era show such as “Vinyl” or “Manhattan”.

Danielle Hoetmer in “CSI:Cyber”


– With her striking blue eyes, Danielle has the in-born charisma to be one of the most graceful talents of the small screen.
– Danielle guest stars on the latest episode of “CSI:Cyber” entitled ‘Python’s Revenge’ as Renee Clarke who has close ties with whose daughter is abducted by a sinister figure and happens to be the surrogate daughter of Avery (Patricia Arquette).
– She does nail the emotional scene with Patricia that will bring tears to the eyes which is indicative of Danielle’s ever-growing eminence on primetime television.

Elizabeth Hirsch-Tauber, Taylor Treadwell, Anita Leeman, & Sasha Higgins in “Prettyface”


– “Prettyface” is a movie title most apt especially when here are four ladies who are the epitome of lusciousness in this twist on the terrifying Manson Family mythos. The Sun Valley Film Festival is the place to fall in love with this fascinating foursome.

Elizabeth Hirsch-Tauber has the youthful glow that’s easy on the eyes and she’s been sparkling in a collection of short films.

Taylor Treadwell is a genuine screen darling and has appeared on some of the biggest shows such as “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “The Vampire Diaries”.

Anita Leeman is the Honduras-born actress who sports one of the most bewitching smiles in the indie industry and notably starred in the horror flick “Bloody Bobby”.

Sasha Higgins has the infatuation-worthy features that’s borders on being dangerously sexy, a trait she used to great effect in the must-watch revenge thriller “The Badger Game”.

TV Starlets To Crave In January 2015


1. Genna Mc’Cohen in “House Of Lies”

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– A star is born would be the praise lavish on Genna Mc’Cohen as she’s set to make waves on the 4th Season of “House Of Lies” alongside Kristen Bell and Don Cheadle.
– She was also a standout as the naive yet tough leading lady of the indie film “Filandra” proving Genna has what it takes to reach the heights in the entertainment industry.
– This cutie is representing the generation of indie actresses who are transitioning to meatier roles and creating their own piece of history with their wealth of talents.

2. Danielle Hoetmer in “Hawaii Five-0”

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– Mark the date January 9th as its the moment Danielle will enchant the world on the latest season of “Hawaii Five-O” which is her biggest role to date.
– Viewers may have spotted her guest-starring recently on “Scorpion” continuing on her great run on TV with previous appearances in hits such as “Criminal Minds” and “The Client List”.
– If ever there was an award for an actress with the undeniably beguiling eyes then Danielle is deserving of repeated compliments. No wonder she’s a natural head-turner onscreen.

3. Sepideh Moafi in “Forever”

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– Her memorable and powerful moment on TV came as Dr. Farrah Mahmoud on an episode of “Black Box” that saw her soprano virtuoso performance with quite the applause at the end.
– Versatile and always an absorbing watch, Sepideh has portrayed the wife of a terrorist on “Blue Bloods” and just played a woman with a complicated back story in “Forever”.
– This brunette beauty is someone we love to see take on the lead in a series where we will able to appreciate her many charming nuances.

4. Jen Jacob in “Girls”


– Don’t miss her in the premiere episode of the returning hit shows “Girls” as Larraby delayne, an a and r rep who wants to sign Marnie (Allison Williams) to the label.
– How cool is that getting to hang out with Allison on set and in the cutie stakes, Jen herself can certainly be regarded just as being very much desired.
– 2015 could the breakout year for Jen with “Girls”, having already shared screen time with both Adam Levine and Keira Knightly in “Begin Again” as well as being a sizzle on indie film “Two Sides Of Live