Sizzling Cutie: Cristen Irene

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It’s easy to be fond of the women on network television and the lovely form of delicately gorgeous CRISTEN IRENE clearly has something do with said fascination. Just yesterday a friend was wondering why I hold TV starlets in high regard (his preference being female rock singers) and my reply was that they deliver a rush of emotions from the amusing to the tenebrious. Here in Asia we’re still waiting for the new season of “Criminal Minds” (Season 7 is in full swing in the US) but the intense episode “Remembrance Of Things Past” has heavy re-runs on Asian TV and CRISTEN captured her character’s harrowing ordeal excellently. Barbaric electric torture scenes, the son following in the footsteps of his serial-killing father and the race against time to save a life makes this a thrill from start to finish. I for one am glad her character Anna survived, although her guest appearance on “Rizzoli & Isles” ended on a more savage note at the hands of a rapist/killer. Check her out in some clips from the shows at the CRISTEN IRENE OFFICIAL SITE.

This porcelain-skin honey has treaded dark territory before having starred as the angst-ridden girl hooking up with the wrong man in “Red Corvette” and a delinquent terrorized by ghosts protecting the bounty she’s after in the indie horror flick “The Crypt”. Her elfin, girl next-door features allows her to impart shades of vulnerability on screen, sometimes too often caught up in unsavory situations…I can imagine viewers lining up in their desire to rescue her…:) If there’s one petite blonde to be affectionate about, the pixieish CRISTEN would most definitely garner many a vote.