Foxy Femme: Carly Brooke Pearlstein

Radiantly eye-catching and with the lips of a Goddess, Carly Brooke Pearlstein is on her way to be a mesmerizing actress. She’s certainly doing so on television this week, guest-starring in Episode 5 of the series “Taxi Brooklyn” as Debra Salvo, a fugitive who is the target of the Russian mob. Her character is all action from the start and in one scene gets to … Continue reading Foxy Femme: Carly Brooke Pearlstein

Rising Starlet: Tali Custer

2013 has truly been the year of the sweethearts and TALI CUSTER is set to move hearts with her serene sensuality. In “Heaven Is Now”, she plays Penny, the object of affection of Mira and their relationship brings about a tale of trippy proportions. The deviant Penny’s love for Mira sparks a journey of outlandish discovery much like how often passion between two people result … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Tali Custer