Lawrene Denkers

In honour of Canada Day on July 1st, it’s essential to shine the spotlight on the supremely talented Lawrene Denkers. She’s a premier Canadian actress whose multi-faceted performances across stage, film and television already has everyone talking. Lawrene’s appearance on the body horror classic “Bite” was one of unbridled spitefulness with many giving her kudos for her spiky, hostile portrayal. Here’s Lawrene revealing more about … Continue reading Lawrene Denkers

Gorno Buzz: Actress In The News (May 2014)

Aynsley Bubbico Entices Viewers In 2 Hit TV Shows – If you’ve been charmed by the show “Hart Of Dixie”, watch Aynsley shimmer as Sadie from the adorable Pink Brigade The Belles. Described as smart and bubbly, she and her band of merry sisters spices things up in such pleasing fashion, we can’t help falling for her…:) – “Mad Men” fanatics may have already seen … Continue reading Gorno Buzz: Actress In The News (May 2014)