The Women Of The TV Series Major Crimes

With the never-ending revelations of sexual harassment from prominent figures, it’s apt that the show “Major Crimes” in its 100th episode delves into the quagmire of indecency. As the team gets closer to nailing the perpetrators of a heinous act of sexual assault and violence whose story arc evolved over 4 episodes, the one this week exacts an emotional toll with the news that Commander … Continue reading The Women Of The TV Series Major Crimes

Actress Spotlight: Daya Vaidya

Her charismatic elegance and exotic beauty are the tenets by which we will be fervidly enthused over Daya Vaidya. She appears in the 2nd Season of Bosch which promises to be filled with fascinating slices of life that revolves around our titular LAPD detective Harry Bosch. Dirty Harry he might sometimes be but with the addition of Daya, there’s a sub-plot involving her character Jen … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Daya Vaidya