HollyShorts Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Emily Mest


We can’t stop showing our adulation towards the cutest actresses on the planet and the comely Emily Mest is indeed a veritable vision of sweetness. As we speak, Emily is already dazzling up the red carpet at the HollyShorts Film Fest whilst attending the screening of her short “Velvet Karma”. I can say that she does look extremely delectable in her white top and floral mini-skirt ensemble. In this not so serious take on fashion films, she’s luminously cool as May, a mischievous girl who together with her best friend trespass into Jeweler Tarina Tarantino’s downtown showroom. In just six minutes Emily is a cheeky enchanter as her antics is merrily entertaining in keeping with the fun tone of the short film. Don’t you wish you could sneak into a shop and indulge in revelry with wild abandon!

Also check Emily out in the horror flick “The Malibu Tapes” about four hard-partying teens who mysteriously vanish without any evidence of it being a kidnapping. Let’s hope we get to see Emily in even more features as she’s a certified doll and quite the fashion forward lady on account of her red carpet style. She’s one you could fall passionately for at a moment’s notice.

Hotties To Crave @ The Las Vegas Film Festival 2015


1. Jo Mei in “Kimi Kabuki”


– It’s her skilful navigation of her melancholic character Jen who discovers her dead mother’s affair via an explicit photo in “A Picture Of You” that had Jo Mei getting positive appraisal.
– At this year’s Las Vegas Film Festival, she stars as the titular Kimi Kabuki, sensual adult film star who is the central figure in the conflict between a married couple when the husband attends an Adult Industry Expo.
– What we need is more intriguing stories from the Asian perpesctive and we can wait for the ebullient Jo Mei to be the forefront of the indie film movement.

2. Emily Goss in “Positive”


– Emily is a shining example of a captivator in the indie genre who has the chops to carry a film with such affectation on the emotions of audiences.
– As the serially tormented Jennifer in the must-watch “The House On Pine Street”, she continues to garner much praise for taking us into the compelling mind of a pregnant woman under duress from the supernatural and the natural.
– If you’re into buzzworthy actresses then check Emily out in “Positive”, the tale of a man with HIV who finds it’s hard to face up to his affliction.

3. Stephanie Ellis & Kristin Carey in “Molly”

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– Both Stephanie and Kristin have a striking enigmatic presence. Kristin is effortlessly alluring whereas Stephanie has a tinge of fascinating mystery about her.
– Molly is probably getting rave reviews as we speak seeing how the female-driven story has such a accomplished cast. Stephanie stars as Fiona, one of 3 girls who descend into their unique ecstasy euphoria following their friends death whose mother played by Kristin is shocked at their sudden behavioural shift at her daughter’s funeral.
– Kristin is a perennial dazzler on TV most recently guest-starring on “CSI:Cyber” while Stephanie’s notable work was in the indie drama “Sleepwalker”

4. Hina Khan in “There Is A New World Somewhere”