Latin Vixen: Marissa Armijo

Look to television to be the medium of fascination as emerging actresses such as the beautiful Marissa Armijo piques our sentiments. Watch her as ADA Lopez in “Murder In The First” on TNT which is already ranking as one of the top debut series on cable. ADAs themselves have been represented by some very alluring women including Diane Neal (as Casey Novak in “Law & … Continue reading Latin Vixen: Marissa Armijo

Rising Starlet: Anna Enger

Anna Enger is one of the most exquisite faces on film right now and her delectable factor is unmistakable. If Gabriella Wilde is the epitome of girl next door sweetness for the blonde brigade then Anna is the personification of comely elegance for brunette babes. They both star in “Endless Love” of course with Anna playing the role of Sabine, the girlfriend of Jade’s (Gabriella) … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Anna Enger