Brooklyn Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Audrey Jessup

Film festivals are a great way to discover blossoming actresses and the delectable Audrey Jessup should find favour with us this weekend at the Brooklyn Film Festival. She stars in the socially relevant ensemble comedy “Life Hack” which centres on digital privacy or the lack of it which has been an issue worldwide. Cyber threats are a real danger and as the tagline of “Life … Continue reading Brooklyn Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Audrey Jessup


Starting off this new segment called Buzzworthy on the Actress Obsession Blog is an entertaining new web series fronted by the delectable Brittney Bertier. Poking fun at New York and LA with an emphasis on the latter, audiences will be lapping up the new comedic web series “TRANSPLANTS”. It’s about a guy and a girl (friends) who relocate from New York to the bright lights … Continue reading TRANSPLANTS The Web Series