Caroline Lindy

Having dazzled on the indie film festival circuit, the fetching Caroline Lindy comes into our adoring view this week on the 3rd Season of “Casual” on Hulu. Check out this clip of Caroline’s first appearance on the 5th episode of “Casual”. She certainly has the smart look all patted down as Harper who conducts an interview with former tech entrepreneur Alex Cole (Tommy Dewey) for … Continue reading Caroline Lindy

MiFo LGBT Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Faye Sewell

The gems of the independent scene are blossoming worldwide and British actress Faye Sewell should enrapture us in due time. She stars in “Cat Skin” as April, an extrovert music student who is in the throes of young love with reticent photography student named Cat (Jodie Hirst). It’s a moving piece of passion between two people irregardless of gender, an exposition of the journey in … Continue reading MiFo LGBT Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Faye Sewell