ShriekFest 2013 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Stephanie Beran Goddesses of our planet are meant to be admired and STEPHANIE BERAN has a divine appeal destined for plentiful crushes. Have you seen her stunning photos (above)? Her curves are indeed beguiling but if you train your eyes to look closely, STEPHANIE does have those ravishing blue eyes that often prove to be an intense addiction. Certainly in “The Shower” there’s an ensemble of … Continue reading ShriekFest 2013 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Stephanie Beran

Indie Queen: Susana Gibb

SUSANA GIBB has always brought depth to the myriad of roles she’s undertaken, leaving us with a sense of wonderment each time. Her ability to develop the complexity of characters defines her as a performer. Be it as a damsel in distress or as a perky housewife, she instills a soulfulness that’s consistently riveting. Could it be those ravishing green eyes of hers that keeps … Continue reading Indie Queen: Susana Gibb