Canadian Vixen: Helena Marie

Once a cutie, always a cutie and this adage hold true when admiring the inviting looker that is Helene Marie. Being in awe of a Canadian sweetheart who happens to be a blue-eyed blonde is double the onus to have Helena grace this very blog. Helena is currently running a fundraising campaign for her short film CRAZY LOVE! You can show your support for this … Continue reading Canadian Vixen: Helena Marie

Hot Blonde Of Summer 2011: Ginger Pullman

Unofficially Summer arrived in the US with Memorial Day Weekend so it’s time to get excited as Dances With Films 2011 will showcase the most mesmerizing indie princesses. What better than to thrust Ford Model/Actress GINGER PULLMAN into the limelight especially since she’s appearing in “The Millennium Bug” which is making its World Premiere at Dances With Films. If you’re a fan of the Korean … Continue reading Hot Blonde Of Summer 2011: Ginger Pullman