Actress Spotlight: Vanessa Walsh

Our love for Canadian beauties prevails with the foxy and vivacious Vanessa Walsh. She stars in the feature “Death Of A Las Vegas Showgirl” as Lisa, a rival love interest of Debbie Flores Narvaez (Roselyn Sanchez of “Devious Maids” fame) for the affections of promising dancer Jason Blu Griffith. This is a dramatisation of the tragic murder of Las Vegas showgirl Debbie Flores who … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Vanessa Walsh

Actress Spotlight: Jolie Jenkins Pagani A luminous mainstay on television, Jolie Jenkins Pagani is a lady we would adore for eons. As Captain Megan Dunleavy on “House Of Lies”, she gets hit on a lot in this week’s episode and who wouldn’t try when Jolie has such an endearing glow in her role as the skipper of Palace Cruises. First the always randy Clyde does a little flirting at … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Jolie Jenkins Pagani