Candace Blanchard

Candace Blanchard is a sassy and enticing indie actress who is at the cusp of a delightful impression on the big screen. She stars as Cathy Jeffcoat in “Masterminds” that’s loosely based on the 1997 Loomis Fargo Robbery in North Carolina. As the wife of Doug Jeffcoat (Ken Marino) who happens to be an acquaintance of criminal mastermind Steve Chambers (Owen Wilson), the double crossing … Continue reading Candace Blanchard

Exclusive Interview With Canadian Vixen Melinda Michael

With her distinctive allure, Melinda Michael is a burgeoning enchanter from Canada whose star is shining with every screen endeavour. She’s appearing in the final Season of “Hemlock Grove” on Netflix and Melinda’s stunning looks is adding to the infatuation many of us already have with Canadian actresses. She has also caught the world’s attention having sat alongside Oscar Winner Julianne Moore at this year’s … Continue reading Exclusive Interview With Canadian Vixen Melinda Michael