Rising Starlet: Valenzia Algarin

Photogenic and curvaceous, Valenzia Algarin is a definite must when it comes to showing gushes of affection. She will be fawn over in a big way when the series “Black Jesus” premieres this week (Aug 7) on Adult Swim with her starring as Detective Dianne Vasquez. Valenzia is the epitome of a hot women in uniform and would certainly add spice in this new live-action … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Valenzia Algarin

Rising Starlet: Solly Duran

Beguiling and talented, Latin cutie Solly Duran could be one of this year’s most watchable actress. Television roles, independent movies, commercials and stage performances, this Dominican-born beauty has done them all and she’s about to enchant us ever more. With the second season of “Orange Is The New Black” heating up Summer, it’s time to feature the hotties that are stirring our senses on the … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Solly Duran