Scream Queen: Carmela Hayslett

It is start of the month when Halloween reigns so the spotlight falls on CARMELA HAYSLETT who is quickly whipping up avid interest in the Horror World. Possessing the compelling elfin-like appeal, she stars in the backwoods torture flick “Deer Crossing” as Olivia Brice, a specialist dealing with kids who have suffered through trauma. From what I’ve read, “Deer Crossing” has gain loads of positive … Continue reading Scream Queen: Carmela Hayslett

Blonde Bombshell: Lindsay Hightower

One of the sauciest starlets to emerge from Texas, LINDSAY HIGHTOWER is establishing herself as a triple threat. Having caught the eye as a buxom cover model and ears as a soulful blues singer, LINDSAY is set to take things to the extreme on film. As Melissa Daniels in the upcoming “The Infliction”, it will be harrowing and gritty as she’s chained up, raped and … Continue reading Blonde Bombshell: Lindsay Hightower