Stunning Starlets At Cannes 2014 – Part 1

1. Natalie Shaw in “From The Woods” – Natalie will be there at Cannes dazzling the film festival up with her enthralling performance in the award-winning horror short “From The Woods”. She plays single mother Lauren Mayfair who forgoes her fear of the supernatural to save her beloved son. – I’m honored to be one of Natalie’s admirers for her wonderful support of me and … Continue reading Stunning Starlets At Cannes 2014 – Part 1

Rising Starlet: Meggie Maddock

She’s been touted for greatness in some circles and MEGGIE MADDOCK is steadily heading into buzzworthy territory as a compelling young actress. It’s evident that she rates highly in the looks department, bewitching us as much as how the perennially sexy Maggie Grace does. I was actually supposed to do an online interview with MEGGIE but seeing how stunning she is, I’ve jumped the gun … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Meggie Maddock