Indie Starlets To Crave @ RxSM Self Medicated Film Expo 2015


1. Julia Aks in “Clinger”

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– What better than to shine the spotlight on burgeoning talent Julia who is the epitome of edgy storytellers which RxSM celebrates annually in Austin!
– She stars in “Clinger” and delivers a delightfully light-hearted tone to the film as Kelsey Peterson, the jobless sister of Fern who has some major ghostly troubles.
– One thing’s for sure whether it be Shakespeare on stage, a horror comedy or a sci-fi romance, Julia is always mesmerizing and deserving of an affectionate embrace (after all she is in a movie called “Clinger”).

2. Lindsay Smith in “Alouette”

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– It was her turn as Diane (Fangoria calls her the Bitch Goddess) in “One More For The Road” which got her plenty of recognition for shining as the spouse on the darker side of love.
– In “Alouette”, Lindsay threads both seductiveness and the cerebral as Elizabeth, a woman recovering from mental illness who ascends into a rivalry with her sister Olivia.
– It is a genuinely arresting performance from her and could well propel this Canadian hottie onto the admiring thoughts of many a cinephile.

3. June Griffin Garcia in “The Sauce”

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– Catch multi-lingual Hispanic actress June in the comedy “The Sauce” playing Gwen Hollings, the CEO of a bunch of corrupt stock traders.
– With her curvaceous bod and vibrant features that’s irresistibly saucy, it’s easy to see why she’s part of the wonderful film.
– Indie fans are collective in our love for actresses of the genre and June is steadily charming her way onto our lives.

Canadian Vixen: Masa Lizdek

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With her mesmerizing features, Masa Lizdek blossoms with delectable appeal and exudes the genial personality everyone will love. She certainly belongs in the haute hippie generation which includes fellow Canadian actress Mackenzie Davis among others. In fact she can be seen in the new TV series “Man Seeking Woman” on FX as Aja, the girlfriend of Mike (Eric André) who happens to be the good pal of the romantic loser Josh Greenberg (Jay Baruchel). First impressions of Masa is she’s definitely an enchanter with her hippie sensibilities although she can carry many different looks including as the tomboyish ingénue having been an accomplished model from the age of 15. There’s been a handful of actresses who are thoroughly attractive with their boyish semblance for instance Samaire Armstrong (who is on “Resurrection”) and Masa herself does so with expressive comeliness. Her Austrian and Croatian heritage gives her an edgy yet alluring quality to be fawn over. “Man Seeking Woman” is surreal to say the least, genius to some with its outlandish moments that includes a still-alive Adolf Hitler who faked his death and a troll seeking relationships with a bit of bite!

Television is conquering all this week with its sheer number of faces to stir our senses with Masa destined to win many an affection in Canada and soon across the globe. It is the very channel to view her eye-catching progression as she’s slated to appear in “Open Heart” and “Lost Girl”. Over the years as a blogger, I’ve been blessed to know rising stars who got their break-out roles on TV and Masa could soon make strides into the limelight. One can say she’s already on the ascendency with FX posting a facebook pic of her in the promo of “Man Seeking Woman”.