Actress Spotlight: Anastasia Barzee

The elegant Anastasia Barzee will be making headway this week on television in enigmatic fashion. She has a recurring role as Special Agent Olivia Dylan in the CW Series “Beauty And The Beast”. As Olivia Dylan in this week’s episode ‘Meet the New Beast’, she gets tough on Captain Tess Vargas (Nina Lisandrello). She also lets her in on some grim news concerning Vincent Keller’s … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Anastasia Barzee

Actress Spotlight: Grace Rex Women are genuinely becoming the centrepiece of fascination on TV and this week Grace Rex delivers with an impressive and emotive visage. In the latest episode of “Blindspot” entitled ‘Older Cutthroat Canyon’, she’s guest starring as Kristy, the assistant to a mysterious figure known as Zomo, who is regarded as a darling of the art world. She assists the FBI when one of the … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Grace Rex