AFM 2017 Spotlight: The Women of Con Man

November is going to be a busy period with a swath of film festivals to keep audiences riveted and the film “Con Man” promises to be an exciting one. Screening at this year’s AFM, it has Mark Hamill who will return in the highly anticipated “The Last Jedi” and a bevy of elegant actresses. “Con Man” focuses on the smooth criminal that is disgraced CEO … Continue reading AFM 2017 Spotlight: The Women of Con Man

Kelly Washington

A young enchantress destined for stardom, Kelly Washington is steadily gaining buzz on television and film. She recently guest-starred on “Z-Nation” as Lucy Murphy whom she so endearingly alludes to as a zombie smurf nugget! In the Season 3 Finale, it ends on a cliffhanger with Lucy being taken hostage once more. She is of course the progeny of half-zombie Murphy and the woman Serena … Continue reading Kelly Washington