The Women Who Sizzle at TIFF 2013

1. Jane Moffat in “Enemy” – She is one of the stars of the psychological drama “Enemy” where leading man Jake Gyllenhaal’s character encounters a doppleganger! – Jane has been prominent on TV thanks to her stint on “Alphas” but many would have seen her in the sleeper horror hit “Mama” where she played dual roles. – Since TIFF celebrate the best of Canadian Talents, … Continue reading The Women Who Sizzle at TIFF 2013

Rising Starlet: Hillary Baack Let’s all celebrate strong women for they remind us of how admirable they can be and HILLARY BAACK has both a drive and gregarious nature many will find appealing. With the L.A. premiere of “The East” on 31st May 2013, we’ll be transfixed on HILLARY who plays Eve, a member of an anarchist group conducting covert attacks on “evil” corporations. Starring alongside Brit Marling … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Hillary Baack