Rising Starlet: Katie O’ Malley

Every so often, we’re left enamored with fresh faces onscreen and vivacious Katie O’Malley is on her way to garner adoration. Besides film especially in the horror genre, television is the medium to be awed by breakout actresses and Katie is a bright prospect indeed. Evidently likable, she has a Sandra Bullock meets Emily VanCamp pleasing affront and you will love Katie’s sweet nature just … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Katie O’ Malley

Canadian Vixen: Jillean Tucker

We so often swoon at the splendid bewitchery of the fairer sex and JILLEAN TUCKER is a blossoming young actress with mesmeric qualities. If you have a thing for Emily VanCamp (of “Revenge” fame) then JILLEAN is yet another honey from Canada to start having a crush on. Of course, she’s a beauty all her own and has proven to be a desirable lady. When … Continue reading Canadian Vixen: Jillean Tucker