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Fantastic Fest 2019 Spotlight: Helen Kennedy

This year’s Fantastic Fest is the playground for the weird and the outlandish with the whimsical retro short film “VHYes” starring the stunning Helen Kennedy making its premiere. She appears as Bree Jones, an American news anchor in a world of VHS and Beta with the protagonist, 12-year-old Ralph who has erased the tape of his parent’s wedding. Overwritten by kitschy television shows, he soon … Continue reading Fantastic Fest 2019 Spotlight: Helen Kennedy

Sizzling Cutie: Kelsey Griswold

Being awestruck by the graceful desirability of Kelsey Griswold should be very much on our minds. She stars as Ginger Alden, one of the many lovers of the King of Rock N Roll in “Elvis Lives!”. Ginger was the fiancee of Elvis Presley and actually found him lifeless in the bathroom in 1977. Kelsey is a Goddess of course and should effortlessly represent the actress/model … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Kelsey Griswold