Indie Darling: Rebecca Fraiser

actress rebecca fraiser drifter

If ever there was a sizzling cutie to admire right now, it would be the exquisite Rebecca Fraiser. She stars in “Drifter” as Sasha who in spite of her innocence is actually a bloodthirsty cannibal. In fact her whole family are and as they encounter a pair of outlaw brothers on the desolate wasteland, their cravings for human meat does mean they’re rather menacing. Let’s just say 1 brother gets no heads up whatsoever! Rebecca’s Sasha seduces him with her feminine wilds and he falls for it hook,line and sinker which is probably not a good thing. Rebecca might be very easy on the eyes yet she makes for one prismatic villain. Indie film-making has always been about the characters and some might even find a correlation between “Drifter” and “Mad Max” with it’s setting in a post-apocalyptic world. With her Instagram moniker being @pixiefirecracka, we can be pretty sure Rebecca is on her way to becoming a sizzler as “Drifter” draws audiences on the festival circuit.


You may also want to plug her attractiveness as being in the vein of actresses such as Emmanuelle Chriqui. Rebecca’s intensely gorgeous features are a gift for the screen and she has the innate ability to mask it when needed for the roles she’s done. It’s that very changeling effect onscreen that will see Rebecca having a growing impression on indie film fans. We’re very receptive of enchanting fresh faces and Rebecca is in line for massive adulation.

Sizzling Cutie: Aude Florentin

actress aude florentin bikini
actress aude florentin ballet

The luminously photogenic Aude Florentin might be in the early throes as an entertainer yet she has the innate magnetism to beguile audiences. This swoon-worthy dancer/actress stars in “Behind the Veil”, an elegant balletic short film which screens at the London Rolling Film Festival. Aude is undeniably the star attraction, her lithe, graceful pirouettes and adagio will be an enchanting artistry throughout. She’s also slated to appear in a new Australian horror film which for us is an exciting prospect.

Here’s the Aude giving us an insight into her current and upcoming projects:

I’m based in London. I’m french, born and raised in Paris. I started with Dance training at the age of 7. I trained at the Paris Opera Ballet School and graduated from the Paris Conservatoire. I then danced professionally for international companies such as Bordeaux Ballet, Scottish Ballet, Australian Ballet, Opera Australia, … Along my carrier I was fortunate enough to perform pieces from the traditional ballet repertoire as much as works from worldwide known choreographers, Jiri Killian, Nacho Duatto, Mats Ek, Alexander Edman.

At the age of 20, I move to Australia. I diversify my skills and invest into acting. Soon, I am cast in Long and Short films, television roles, music videos and commercials such as MasterCard, Sheraton Hotel, Vodafone, I work alongside inspiring directors and talented casts and crews. Big projects come up to me and I relocate to London, United-Kingdom. I work on both sides across the channel, France and Great Britain. I dance and act professionally on stage and screen. I am positive and determined. Passionate, I feed off diversity and can’t resist the appeal to work with influential directors and choreographers seeking the same truth and creativity. Long Features include Red Rabbit Lodge (dir Kevin Khachan) & Damaged (dir Maha Wilson) are soon to be released.

Do visit the AUDE FLORENTIN OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.