Hotties on Film, TV, DVD and The Web – 26 May 2015


1. Annie Ruby in “Cam Girls”

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– A picture does paint a thousand words and a radiant smile makes it all the more delightful. Annie certainly has a delectable smile worthy of devotion.
– She will indeed stir more than just our loins in the new web series “Cam Girls” as Nikki who gives us a taste of the voyeuristic experience via web-cam. Many would agree that they can’t wait to see Nikki (Annie) in her underwear so look out for Episode 4: Naked on the Interwebs.
– Come June 1st all eyes are going to be trained on her thanks to the sexy series “Cam Girls” and we may just see the emergence of Annie Ruby, Web Vixen.

2. Morgan Obenrader in “Rz-9″

– Morgan is at her mesmerizing best in “Rz-9″ as Samantha Endcott, the valiant sister of a drone operator on the run from the government’s super-soldiers, Erasers in a time where martial law has been declared in the US.
– Don’t miss her in “Bound” as the Dara, the frisky daughter of Charisma’s Carpenter Michelle who like mother like daughter indulges in some kinky sex games in the erotic thriller “Bound”.
– We often fall at the feet of baby-faced beauties such as Morgan for she has that desirability that’s impossible to forget!

3. Marian Sorenson in “The Daughter”


– Marian is a riveting indie actress notable for her heart-felt performance as Rian Fielding who gets kidnapped on her birthday in the tense political thriller “The Daughter”.
– Already an award-winner for her role in “The Daughter”, her virginal and highly likable features destined to be well-received.
– Word is she’s slated to work on a feature film set in post World War II Russia which may just propel her into becoming one of most watchable women of the indie genre.

4. Lisa Durupt in “Motive”

– Lisa’s sweetness is infectious and her honeyed voice is a shoo-in for endless adulation. Easily one of Canada’s fastest rising stars!
– She’s become a film festival darling after her appearance in much adored familial comedy “Preggoland” playing Hillary who is no longer the apple of her father’s eye when her little sis fakes a pregnancy.
– Watch the always captivating Lisa in the latest episode of hit series “Motive” called The Amateurs as Karen Hanlon, the wife of a dentist whose murder is tied intriguingly to 2 other seemingly unrelated killings.

5. Chloe Farnworth in “Road Wars”

– Just like “Mad Max:Fury Road”, “Road Wars” are endowed with gorgeous, spunky women who sport the fearlessness very much admired and Chloe dazzles in post apocalyptic heroine mode.
– As the female road warrior Nakada, she’s a survivor in a world over-run by street gangs and vampire-like zombies proving once more that women can kick the asses of the walking dead as well as the bad seeds of the human kind with equal zeal.
– Chloe’s blossoming nicely into an enchanting indie talent having been named as one of BAFTA NewComers and this English rose is primed for big things!

Foxy Femme: Sheri Davis

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Sheri Davis is the enchanting validation that the sexiest women are fronting the indie film world. Add her gender-bending role in “Snake With A Human Tail” that screens at the Crimson Screen Film Fest 2015 and you have a lady with the gusto for tackling complex characters. She plays Karma, a hooker with designs on exacting retribution on a sadistic rapist priest. We soon find she’s actually a transgender who has transformed himself physically after enduring a most harrowing experience and meticulously plots her revenge. Audiences have to applaud Sheri for taking on a gender reversal that’s compelling considering how alluring she is and how she would sizzle up any beach this Summer (see photo above).

Sheri’s depiction of a damaged soul is spot on for both her character Karma’s appearance as well as the emotional baggage. Masking her internal pain of an innocence lost by being immune to physical pain, Sheri’s portrayal throughout is par excellence. She was also recently on the hard-hitting new series “American Crime” in a supporting role and with her authenticity she can project onscreen, let’s hope she scores more TV roles on top of her fascinating indie ones.