Indie Queen: Cindy Karr

The women of film come in many enchanting shades and Cindy is a dramatic talent with many distinguished facets. Cindy stars in “Unsullied” as Claudine Willfellow, a woman who’s become an unwitting accomplice of the nefarious plans of the charismatic villain of the piece Noah Evans. With its recent premiere on Aug 28, our thoughts will be trained on this engrossing dramatic thriller of survival helmed by former N.F.L. defensive end Simeon Rice. She may take on the role of an dowdy middle-age woman of the country but it’s integral to the kill or be killed story. We can’t all be glamorous and it’s representative of the tone of “Unsullied” so kudos to Cindy for shining with the material she was given.

Cindy is also notable for her recurring part on the Netflix series “Bloodline” as Susan Widmark who negotiated the sale of her land to Kevin Rayburn, he of course a member of the dysfunctional Rayburns family. The hotpot of familial angst coupled with dark secrets on coastal waters so intrigue audiences, it’s going to return for Season 2 and perhaps we can get to see more of the backstory of Cindy’s Susan Widmark. A performer of the stage as well as several independent shorts, she’s passionate about storytelling and that’s a very apt reason to check out her work.

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Las Vegas Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Monica Young

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Elegant and sweet, German-born actress Monica Young has delectable features many would easily be singing praises about. She stars in the short film “Positive” which screens at this year’s Las Vegas Film Festival on Aug 11. Monica plays a woman among several who may or may not have passed on the HIV virus to our protagonist who happens to be married. The backstory of Monica’s character and her torrid extra-marital affair is revealed as he tries to unravel the origins of his affliction, ultimately having to face up to a dreaded confession to his wife. Monica ups the sultry quotient in “Positive” what with its theme of unbridled lust and she’s one to catch the eye onscreen.

Television is another medium where Monica is active and in 2015, she’s been seen on hit shows such as “Cougar Town” and “Modern Family”, appearing as a flight attendant opposite Julie Bowen as well as Ty Burrell in the latter. Monica also had a supporting role on the hit Disney series “KC Undercover” starring Zendaya. Let’s hope we get to see her being pivotal in one of the upcoming shows especially those to be released this Fall. The enchanting Monica is on course to dazzle up our lives.