Foxy Femme: Andrea Syglowski

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With her kissable lips, everyone will soon be having an avidity for Andrea Syglowski who dazzles up the small screen this week. She’s appearing in “The Good Wife” as Stacy Groom, the plaintiff who is embroiled in a case of wrongful abortion in the episode ‘Restraint’. Her character Stacy gets grilled by the fearsome Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) who is dismissive of her but eventually succumbs to the ideals of free speech and gets Stacy to the stand during the controversial trial. Andrea shines in the skin of this woman who in spite of a barrage of damning questions has the presence of mind to be unshakeable and belies her own ulterior motives. This is a weighty role for Andrea so make sure you stick to the end as she is set to impress audiences in dramatic fashion.

In fact many would have seen her earlier in the year in the third season of “Elementary” playing Sarah Jacoby whose husband’s DNA is found under the fingernails of a dead woman but believes her husband is innocent of the murder. This ever enchanting Andrea is also active on the theatre scene having been a vision of seduction in the play “Venus in Fur” back in 2014. As the struggling actress Vanda, she’s a potent enticer, from the gentle swaying of her hips be it clad or barely-clad in her black lingerie to the erotic use of language, Andrea tantalizes the senses. I for one can’t wait to see her sink her teeth into a future role as a femme fatale and Andrea could soon be an alluring starlet in our midst.

TV Vixens To Crave – November 20


Susie Abromeit in “Marvel’s Jessica Jones”

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– Susie Abromeit is the perfect amalgamation of enticing sex appeal and glowing demureness affirming that there is indeed a piece of heaven on earth as she’s the dazzling Goddess we have come to love.
– Starring as Pam alongside Krysten Ritter and Carrie-Anne Moss in the soon-to-be Netflix hit “Jessica Jones”, she’s set to garner worldwide fandom especially since Susie has teased that her character is dynamic as well as sensual.
– Susie has certainly mesmerised us every time she takes to the screen, be it as a sweetheart, feisty female trope or screen temptation and she’s the personification of what it means to be a global obsession. It’s no surprise that she regularly graces this blog and will do so for years!

Tiffany Pulvino in “Z-Nation”

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– Tiffany Pulvino has the sprightly ebullience that will endear herself to audiences as she blooms so fetchingly on the small screen.
– Catch this enticing talent in this week’s episode of the series “Z-Nation” called ‘Corporate Retreat’ and with the show’s popularity on a high, adoring eyes are sure to be transfixed on her. We are betting she gets to pummel them Zombies!
– Her transition from indie darling to TV vixen (where she’s already made an enchanting appearance on “Dexter”) does mean we get to see more of the luscious Tiffany who is poised to be a perpetual charmer.

Julianna Barninger in “Jane The Virgin”


– Julianna Barninger, one of the most delectable women on the planet has just hit TV Land in her recurring role on “Jane The Virgin” which ensures she’ll be in our adoring sights the whole of this week.
– With her natural photogenic allure, she’s an enigmatic princess both in colour as well as black and white, sparking a rush of adoration as she will be returning to dazzle up “Jane The Virgin” in next week’s episode.
– Julianna has already worked on some of the best shows in history, such as “Scandal” and “Rizzoli & Isles” so there’s every chance a future leading lady role is in the offing for this adorable blonde bombshell.