Rising Starlet: Alex Lombard

Alex Lombard is an upcoming talent who is synonymous with plaudits such as ravishing and mesmerizing thanks to her enigmatic features. She does have the sizzling presence to rival Cobie Smulders or Jaimie Alexander on the red carpet, her elegant sexiness we will find ourselves being addicted to…:) Alex does prove to be a beguiling vision in the short film “Sophie” which she pulled double … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Alex Lombard

Indie Princess: Marion Kerr

In the film world, it’s about the eagerness of discovery and in Marion Kerr, we have a talent whose elegant presence elicits us to find out more about her. Exhibiting the old school glamor, she can project an aura of mystique whenever she takes to the screens. Marion’s Parisian roots on her father side would have contributed to the allure she sports, her enviable complexion … Continue reading Indie Princess: Marion Kerr