SXSW Spotlight 2014: Rising Starlet Katie Morrison

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Katie Morrison is a name indie fans will come to covet for she’s both enigmatic and an accomplished talent on screen. She stars in “Imagine I’m Beautiful”, a film which sees the need for love explored in an unconventional way as two women bond up to the point when secrets are revealed that could shatter their kinship. Katie plays Kate who is reeling from the loss of a child and encounters Lana, a similarly fractured woman with both seeking familial love that obviously complicates both their lives. While this intriguing drama threads the psychological aspects of relationships, her upcoming feature “Unnerved” is supernatural horror at its most creepy best. Just like the title implies, it’s going to perturb and frighten you in equal measure. In the role of Mallory, she and her husband Frank are attempting to escape a malevolent entity that took away their child’s life. Consumed by grief, they flee to a remote lake but the entity somehow follows them, haunting them to their wits end. Katie distinguishes herself with a semblance of vulnerability in her projects which is absorbing to follow as a viewer. The fact that she’s a lovely blonde makes her an ideal obsession on this blog.

Look for her in the dark comedy “Ovum” where she stars alongside Sonja O’ Hara, an actress whom I’ve featured on this blog aplenty and whom I’ve adored for many years. Katie is herself quite a fascinating gal…:) Did you know her original name was Katie Middleton and she changed it to Katie Morrison so as not to be confused with a certain Royal in the UK namely Kate Middleton. For more fun facts, head over to the KATIE MORRISON OFFICIAL SITE. She’s also busy on the commercial front, having appeared in a Mitsubishi Electric ad which has her fencing her ‘double’. Katie is one of the most promising indie actress right now and she has all the right attributes to make a name for herself.

French Vixen: Louise Monot

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The enigmatic allure we’ve long associated with French women is so addictive and fast rising French Model/Actress Louise Monot is herself pretty irresistible. She is starring in “The After”, the Pilot from Sci-Fi guru Chris Carter with a mythos that could have audiences lapping it all up as he’s done before with the hugely successful “The X-Files”. Louise plays Gigi Generau who happens to be an aspiring actress who becomes the central character in a group of 8 coming together in the face of what could well be an otherworldly invasion. EW has a first look at the mystery that will unfold: and “The After” is available at for viewing and reviews are favorable especially since the creepy ending is on a riveting level! One has already praised Miss Louise Monot as being incredibly gorgeous and fun to watch, deserving accolades I’m sure. There’s so many shades of Gigi yet to be uncovered and there’s an unnerving edginess which is so intriguing to explore. For instance, what becomes of her husband and beloved daughter with the end of the world scenario that could be coming?

The X-Files army aka X-philes will no doubt push “The After” into a full-fledged season. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Louise is also starring in the cross-cultural romantic comedy “Girl On A Bicycle”. As C├ęcile, she is the object of affection of Paolo, a Paris tour bus driver who encounters her as the titular “Girl On A Bicycle”. Be it infatuation or concern, he proceeds to care for her after an accident and has his life turned upside down. Complicated further by his gorgeous German stewardess girlfriend Greta (Nora Tschirner), this is a love triangle with an endearing free-spiritedness. You will start to believe why Louise could well be a coveted screen sweetheart in no time. If she’s allowed the avenue to grow her character Gigi in “The After”, we’re looking at Louise being a visual pleasure on both the big and small screens.