Rising Starlet: Solly Duran

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Beguiling and talented, Latin cutie Solly Duran could be one of this year’s most watchable actress. Television roles, independent movies, commercials and stage performances, this Dominican-born beauty has done them all and she’s about to enchant us ever more. With the second season of “Orange Is The New Black” heating up Summer, it’s time to feature the hotties that are stirring our senses on the hit series! Solly appears as prisoner Araceli who together with her cellmates introduces herself in fierce fashion to poor Taylor Schilling’s Piper Chapman after she accidentally stomps on Yoda the cockroach (a prized insect as we discover). With her spider/crown tattoos, intimidating scowl and history of violence, Araceli is one jailbird not to be messed with! Don’t you love how “Orange Is The New Black” promotes the believability of the prison system by casting actresses such as Solly who un-glam themselves to create the perfect look of these group of incarcerated women.


Apparently many are already having an infatuation for Solly with some even being girl crushes as evident on her Twitter feed! She is after all a model who can channel quite the allure. Solly was also eye-catching in the horror flick “Cabin Fever: Patient Zero” which had its fair share of grossed out moments. Playing Dr Camila, one of the more righteous characters on the film, she didn’t deserve the fate she was dealt with at the end. Isn’t it great to see Solly going from the sympathetic victim to the trouble incarnate with her turn in “Orange Is The New Black”. Solly’s versatility could well be her passage to more enthralling roles in the future which we’re anticipating with eagerness.

Sizzling Cutie: Natalie Burtney


Television movies are becoming the essential platform to discover beautiful young actresses and Natalie Burtney is a comely lady with a rising presence. In “Airplane vs. Volcano”, Natalie appears in a supporting role as a young mother, Jennifer, who is a passenger on the airplane with her son. Will she and the her child survive when the plane flies into a volcano-laden territory in Hawaii? After the unexpected success of “Sharknado”, nobody dares to scoff at disaster flicks on SYFY and while the CGI is passable in “Airplane vs. Volcano”, there’s at least interesting characters to note. The predicament that Jennifer encounters allows Natalie to traverse emotions on both sides of the coin, going from sunny joy to fearful trepidation of the fate of her and her child. If ever there was a hot list of women on the SYFY Channel, Natalie would most definitely be included…:)

This is what she had to say about working on the film.

“I had a blast working on the film. Everyone was extremely professional, welcoming, and happy to be there. I had the pleasure of working with some of the production crew on previous projects.

I am learning that I enjoy playing in many different kinds of genres, and all present new challenges, which is why I became passionate about acting in the first place. Everyday there are new ways to try things and approach character and role.”

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With the release of the creature feature “Bermuda Tentacles” on SYFY, sci-fans will get to see Natalie in yet another film from Asylum. This time it’s an ancient sea monster wrecking havoc with “Terminator” star Linda Hamilton as a US Navy admiral.

Here is Natalie giving us a tease of her other upcoming projects:

“I started out in the theatre, and continue to perform onstage. I am a resident artist of The Vagrancy, an award-winning LA-based theatre company. We are gearing up for our Spring and Fall shows. I am about to start shooting STRANGE LA, a comedic web series based on a news program that reports the strange whacky and wonderful “groundbreaking” current events in LA. I also had a small part in DARK RISING, which airs on the SYFY channel this year.”

Miss Natalie Burtney is a talent to keep an eye on as she steadily enthralls us on stage, film, television and commercials.