Sizzling Cutie: Casey Fitzgerald

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With the loveliest of features to enthrall the planet, Casey Fitzgerald has a special quality about her and is a shimmering beauty indeed. She’s starring in the short “After Lilly” alongside Jack Quaid of “The Hunger Games” fame and it is screening at the LA Indie Film Fest 2015. Jack plays Tyler who inevitably hits on the fetching Jane (Casey) and a who’s who of beautiful girls at a trendy bar as his imagination run wild. Another reason why we adore hanging out at film festivals to steal a look at women who make our hearts quiver. She can also be seen in the monster mashup “Cowboys Vs. Dinosaurs” as the heroine who is both a love interest and savior when dinosaurs run amok in a western town. Here’s Casey revealing more about her role in “Cowboys Vs. Dinosaurs” and more:

I had such an amazing time shooting “Cowboys Vs. Dinosaurs” We shot it in Montana and I fell in love with the place and the people. its magical, it made me want to move there. My character Sky is a small town girl with a big heart who ends up going on a journey with some amazing characters to save the world from dinosaurs. Of course with the help of her horses. there is alot of action; shooting, lassoing, climbing,Atvs, horse riding. It was a blast!! I have another project coming out soon that I am super proud of. It is called “The Shift” it is a drama about the Nurses in the E.R. , What they go through, and the controversial subject of DNR patients that the family and the nurses deal with. My friend Leo Olivia who is a nurse in the Emergency room wrote the real life script. Danny Glover also Co stars In the film, It was awesome working with him. I met some amazing people on set and got to collaborate to make such a real heartfelt meaningful project.

In “The Shift”, Casey is mesmerizing as the idealistic new grad Amanda who is put under the wing of a veteran nurse as they both care for a suffering little girl asking for peace. Their differing belief systems are at odds when the principle of Euthanasia comes into the picture. Casey is thoroughly fascinating as the woman who is fighting for the rights of her patients to live and audiences will marvel at the zeal Casey pours into her character. She’s recently won a Best Actress award for her dramatic performance and I’m sure many more plaudits are heading her way. Poised to hit stardom in the coming months, Casey is making us sit up and notice with much fervor.

Rising Starlet: Solly Duran

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Beguiling and talented, Latin cutie Solly Duran could be one of this year’s most watchable actress. Television roles, independent movies, commercials and stage performances, this Dominican-born beauty has done them all and she’s about to enchant us ever more. With the second season of “Orange Is The New Black” heating up Summer, it’s time to feature the hotties that are stirring our senses on the hit series! Solly appears as prisoner Araceli who together with her cellmates introduces herself in fierce fashion to poor Taylor Schilling’s Piper Chapman after she accidentally stomps on Yoda the cockroach (a prized insect as we discover). With her spider/crown tattoos, intimidating scowl and history of violence, Araceli is one jailbird not to be messed with! Don’t you love how “Orange Is The New Black” promotes the believability of the prison system by casting actresses such as Solly who un-glam themselves to create the perfect look of these group of incarcerated women.


Apparently many are already having an infatuation for Solly with some even being girl crushes as evident on her Twitter feed! She is after all a model who can channel quite the allure. Solly was also eye-catching in the horror flick “Cabin Fever: Patient Zero” which had its fair share of grossed out moments. Playing Dr Camila, one of the more righteous characters on the film, she didn’t deserve the fate she was dealt with at the end. Isn’t it great to see Solly going from the sympathetic victim to the trouble incarnate with her turn in “Orange Is The New Black”. Solly’s versatility could well be her passage to more enthralling roles in the future which we’re anticipating with eagerness.