Horror Hotties To Crave in 2016 & Beyond

Hannah Fierman in “Siren” – Hannah Fierman is undeniably one of the most buzz-worthy faces in independent horror and after watching the absorbing trailer of “Siren”, we’ll all be under her spell. – In Greek mythology, sirens were creatures who lured men to their death and the phenomenal Hannah is dangerously alluring as the she-demon Lily. – We do adore the distinctive talents of the … Continue reading Horror Hotties To Crave in 2016 & Beyond

Actress Spotlight: Katie Carpenter

Beguiling Cuteness is an endearing trait Katie Carpenter has in abundance and she’s a certified dazzler on film, television and the web. This week she guest-stars alongside Ana Ortiz and Rebecca Wisocky on “Devious Maids” where delicious humour is the order of the day. Katie’s versatility will also ensure she’s a young lady to be very fond of seeing how she’s revving up avid interest … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Katie Carpenter