Sizzling Cutie: Lily Holleman


We can’t stop loving the honeys on the small screen and the luminous Lily Holleman has a pleasantness that’s thoroughly charming. She’s slated to guest-star on the 2nd Episode of the new season of “NCIS: New Orleans on 29th Sep 2015 and will be an absorbing watch I’m sure. Whenever there’s an actress who can play shades of the human condition, we are always intrigued and Lily Holleman has a deft touch when it comes to varying personas. From being a meth head/unwed mom in “Southland” to one of her best performances as a troubled teen in indie film “@urFRENZ”, Lily has often made a fascinating mark.

Here’s Lily giving us a juicy tease of her role on “NCIS: New Orleans” and some of her upcoming projects:

I play Emily Jansen, the wife of a Navy Seal on NCIS: NEW ORLEANS. It is episode 202 entitled Shadow Unit. It airs tomorrow evening on CBS! I am currently rehearsing to play the lead role of Bess Johnson in Beth Henley’s play ABUNDANCE at South Coast Repertory Theatre in Costa Mesa, CA. We open on October 23 and run 8 performances a week through November 15. It is one of the best plays I have ever read for two women leads. It is set in the old west beginning in the late 1860s and spans 25 years. Here is the site:

Also, I produced and act in an indie feature dark comedy called THE LADY KILLERS. It has just been completed and beginning the festival circuit. That website is

I have also been serving as Chairman of the Board of a 90 year old historic LA club called The Los Angeles Breakfast Club and am getting ready to premiere a podcast about women in media called “Am I Right, Ladies?”

Lily also appeared in one of my favourite shows, the darkly funny “Shameless” as Lisa a yuppie entrepreneur who happens to be a lesbian and somehow manages to get under the skin of Frank (William H. Macy)! With her forte being her deftness of threading the dark and comic flavours of a story, Lily has the desirable flexibility to be thought-provoking. Lily could soon be the enthralling talent we’ve been longing for!

Dances With Films 2015 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Valerie Brandy

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Surely one of the faces to remember at this year’s Dances With Films, the talented Valerie Brandy is a genuinely compelling indie starlet. The star, writer and director of “Lola’s Last Letter”, Valerie has all the makings of a promising storyteller with a captivating soul. She’s both mesmerizing and moving as the titular Lola, an ex-con who is on an unpredictatable life journey of trying to move on from her past mistakes. As we speak, Valerie is dazzling it up at Dances With Films and will be gracing the World Premiere of “Lola’s Last Letter”. She has every chance of entering the group of up and coming female directors which could one day see her ranked alongside say the likes of Greta Gerwig. Here at the Actress Obsession Blog, we love women who channel the indie spirit and kudos to Valerie’s enthralling vision.

Valerie is well known on television for her recurring role as Trixie on the hit show “Justified”. Trixie is a prostitute who works down at Audrey’s, where she is employed by Delroy, the owner but meets an untimely death at the hands of her boyfriend. She can also be seen in the new web series “Sunday Brunch” that delves in the lives of 3 girlfriends addicted to cocktails and high on love. With her vivacious poise and undeniable flair for filmmaking, there’ll be widespread affection coming her way in the days ahead and beyond.

Do drop by the VALERIE BRANDY OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.