Manhattan Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Adrienne LaValley

adrienne 0042

With her certifiably lovely resplendence and comely smile, Adrienne LaValley is a magnet for passionate appreciation. She’s starring in “Hell’s Heart” as Lisa, a woman who becomes a stirring infatuation for Martin, her ten-year old neighbour. After her brutal murder, a spirit starts manifesting inside the poor boy which convinces that its Lisa returning from the grave to haunt him. Adrienne’s bewitching features are beguilingly gorgeous even sans make-up, affirming that she’s a natural dazzler and will be looking to entrenched herself in your hearts. Adrienne is thoroughly delectable in the trailer (above) and her sultry voice has just enough of a devilish nature but is she a malevolent apparition or a just the figment of an over-active imagination? That’s plenty enough incentive to form an avid attachment for her.

From horror to comedy, she’s more than had her fair share of shining moments and is known for being a delightful yet assured talent. Adrienne is a talent who can wholeheartedly assume the role that spans naughty or nice, her tenacious poise one of her many fascinatingly wonderful assets. Blessed with a divine sex appeal, Adrienne is ensuring April will be a most enticing month!

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Indie Sweethearts To Love @ North Hollywood CineFest 2016


Aynsley Bubbico in “Evol: The Theory of Love”


– It should be no secret that the comely Aynsley, star of TV shows such as “Hart Of Dixie” and “Greek” is an eternal enchanter on this blog. She is the living embodiment of Miss Sweetness and her bubbly persona is without question a magnet for fandom.
– Stories about passion seems to have a fascinating sway on all of us and with Aynsley adding eloquent depth as Jane Dawson in the romantic drama “Evol: The Theory of Love”, she’s set to touch hearts aplenty with an ardent-worthy grace.
– She is returning to once more glow as the delightful vision of the small screen next month with her guest-starring role on the 2nd Season of “Stitchers”.

Megan Duffy in “Messiah”


– Known for her sensual work on the horror flick “Maniac” opposite Elijah Wood, Megan stars in the short film “Messiah” as Courtney, a woman who may have just welcomed the wrong type of company into her home.
– Blessed with a sex appeal that’s praiseworthy, her ability to captivatingly thread the sultry nature of the female quotient with revelatory complexion is why we should all be lauding her even more this year.
– Don’t forget to catch the talented Megan in “Hag”, her other short that has been a favourite at numerous film festivals thanks to the first-rate performance of this enchantress.

Elaine Loh in “Gratuitous Violence”


– Celebrating actresses of Asian descent is essential and the multi-faceted Elaine Loh personifies the creative spirit as an admirable entertainer, writer and producer.
– She’s at her most riveting in the short “Gratuitous Violence” as reporter June Lang who despite having prior knowledge of a planned school shooting decides to document the unfolding drama. Elaine will enthral viewers as the woman who abandons her moral duty.
– Only last year the kissable Elaine guest-starred on an episode alongside Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez who headlines “Just A Virgin”, the hit show that champions diversity.

Najarra Townsend in “Play Violet For Me”


– It’s a given that the ravishing Najarra is part of the pantheon of the hottest women on the planet and she’s always been an enticing ingénue adept at tackling some of the boldest women on screen.
– In the noirish “Play Violet For Me”, she’s the object of frenzied infatuation as twin sisters Violet/Lyla and Najarra is yet again breathtakingly seductive in the mesmerising fashion that can lead to adoring reverence.
– She’s more than announced herself as a covetable indie starlet with compelling turns in the must-see body horror of “Contracted” and the angsty look at life in the 80s of “Toy Soldiers”.