Canadian Vixen: Jessica Harmon

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Canada’s finest can certainly be found on television and the enticing Jessica Harmon is fueling an avid interest that’s bound to grow. She may play a rather villainous character in “Olympus” but Jessica is every bit as saucy as Chalciope who is upping the body count everywhere she goes. Already two men have fallen at her feet as she seeks the HERO and the Oracle of the mythological series. With such a mean streak, expect Chalciope to stir things up and perhaps one day go toe-to-toe with the would be leader of Man. Could she be on the same par as Callisto (of Xena fame) and be just as ruthless? Time will tell but Jessica has that commanding presence that as Chalciope would have her enemies quake in their feet.

Seeing how she’s guest-starred in some of of the hottest TV shows ever, this is why we can’t stop gravitating towards the women of the small screen. Jessica also recently appeared on another new show “Backstrom” on top of having been in “Motive”, “Supernatural” and “Arrow” which have been big hits with audiences. Her next sojourn on TV will be in the sci-fi series “The Whispers” about an alien race that manipulate children in doing their bidding while harboring the desire to take over the world! Set to premiere in June, Jessica is likely to be feted by many and garner a new generation of sci-fi addicts. She will be seen alongside American Horror Story alum Lily Rabe so expect the unexpected. This could well be the rebirth of ‘Children Of The Corn’ with its creepy themes. Jessica also starred in the remake of “Black Christmas” which as a horror fan I much enjoyed the goriness. Her character did however get a savage death (eyes being ripped out is pretty vicious). With her solid run of roles on TV, Jessica’s burning bright with such lovable verve. I’m blessed to know the talented Jessica as she’s set to be one of the most desirable actresses.

Hotties on Film, TV and DVD – 10 April 2015


1. Lucy Owen in “Elementary”

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– I’ve actually been in the habit of praising actresses as Goddesses and lissome beauty Lucy Owen more than fits the bill, her poise onscreen is to be loved.
– Catch her on “Elementary” this week as investment banker Rachel Carter who has some skeletons in her closet and gets interrogated by the ever perceptive Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller).
– Lucy has already proven her indie cred as the judgmental sister-in-law of Juliette Lewis’ character in “Kelly & Cal” which would certainly lead to juicier roles for her soon enough.

2. Briana Lane in “Oliver Stoned”

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– There’s no better way than to anoint Briana as a Sex Bomb, seeing how she’s such an enticing vision in a white bikini in the trailer of her movie “Oliver, Stoned”.
– She did play a foxy Man Eating Wesen recently in “Grimm”, her looks as deadly as her craving for human flesh. Lucky Monroe or should we say he’s unlucky in an about to be eaten way.
– You can count yourself lucky to be her fan as she’s such a sweetheart on top of effortlessly being one of the Most Sensual Actresses in the Planet!

3. Monique Parent in “Jurassic City”

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– This week is certainly about celebrating the Sex Appeal Of Women and evidently the sultry Monique has been sizzling our loins, from erotica to indie films.
– She does spice things up as Scarlett in the creature feature “Jurassic City”, a female prisoner who is caught in the crosshairs of marauding raptors.
– It’s no surprise that Monique is often complimented on being a Thinking Man’s Sex Symbol for she projects honesty in every role she’s done. An actress with a perfect body and intelligence, what could be more alluring!

4. Nadia Lanfranconi in “Prey For Death”


– Italian-born Nadia is a fast rising starlet of independent cinema and gives us an international flavor as her sizzling presence makes a delectable impression.
– She shows both her strength as well as sensuality in “Prey For Death” as Maria a woman caught up in a game of life and death in the wild wild west.
– 2015 is looking to be her year in the limelight as she’s starring in several intriguing films spanning varying genres which means more to relish from this wonderful talent.