Rising Starlet: Gema Calero

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The enticing Gema Calero is a blossoming enchanter with adoring eyes expected to gaze upon her in 2015. She’s starring in “Swingers Anonymous” which has been accepted to this years Cannes and this prestigious film festival will possibly thrust her into the spotlight around the world. “Swingers Anonymous” is a deliciously crafted dark comedy told in noir fashion complete with a swingers party, intriguing characters and lots of breasts. The must see trailer (above) is a thrill to watch what with its morbid humor laced with the snappy Mariachi tune.

Here’s Gema giving us a tease of her juicy role:

So, I play “Suzie” in Swingers Anonymous. She’s a stripper who’s quite bitter about her life. She smokes cigarettes, watches TV all day in the crummy motel she lives in with her boyfriend, and hopes for better days. Except for Suzie, hoping doesn’t equate working toward something better, but rather waiting around for a quick come up. She’s lazy, desperate, sexy and vulnerable. She thinks that money will make her happy, but even then, she’s still bitter. Money makes the world go around, but can it turn a lost soul around?

Thanks to the very kind Gema, here are some shots from the short film destined to generate tons of buzz at Cannes and beyond.

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With her kissable lips and being strikingly attractive, there’s every chance she would make a memorable impression on the red carpets in France and many more ahead. Her professionalism is a shining example seeing how director Director Quincy Perkins gave plenty of kudos to her:

Gema Calero, a Nicaraguan living in Miami, plays Suzie, the girlfriend of Bill. “I needed a female who could pull a gun and do it honestly,” Perkins said. “Man, she pulled that gun like she had done it before. Suzie also has a lot of lines, and they are fast. I needed someone who could really act. She is a brilliant actress and has a very film noir attitude already.”

For me, it’s a blessing to have the very first Nicaraguan-American actress sizzling up the Actress Blog. Gema has also been eye-catching in the slasher film “HazMat” and will be seen alongside Tony ‘Candyman’ Todd in “Agoraphobia” as well as putting on her Scream Queen shoes in the upcoming “All Girls Weekend”. I’ve always been enthused with women in horror and Gema has bags of potential to be another terror hottie to crave. There’s still more to discover about the luscious Gema but i’ll save it for my future article which will give praise to the women who will sizzle at Cannes 2015.

Don’t forget to visit the GEMA CALERO OFFICIAL SITE and start noticing her ever-growing appeal.

Sizzling Actresses In Dramatic Films To Crave At HRIFF 2015!


1. Kristin Carey in “Starcrossed”


– Some women are born sexy and Kristin possesses the chic allure to a constant attraction on film and on the red carpet.
– This curvaceous beauty has been guest-starring on some of the biggest hits on television which includes Scandal, Revenge and Castle.
– Now she enthralls in the indie drama “Starcrossed” alongside Mischa Barton in a tale of love in unexpected places and time.

2. Montana Marks in “The Process”

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– Montana is a Goddess in every sense of the word with her flawless bod and innocent features the cornerstone of her appeal.
– Don’t miss her in the short film “The Process” as she’s a mesmeric vision in her role as a would be victim of a killer struggling with his conscience.
– She also happens to be a fitness model so kudos for her dedication and discipline in sculpting her toned physique which speaks volume of her blossoming career.

3. Lusia Strus in “Cotton”

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– Lusia is a must-watch in “Cotton” as Maggie Mae Cooper-Welles (what a name!) as an evangelist mother figure who is driven to see his son perform miracles as a faith healer.
– Following on from her appearance in the much talked about “Kelly & Cal” Juliette Lewis and Lucy Owen (another fav on this blog), she’s quickly beguiling indie fans.
– Celebrated for playing eclectic women onscreen, Lusia has the acting aptness and enticing presence to be a firm favorite.

4. Elena Schuber in “The Anniversary”

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– Elena is acclaimed for starring as the bitchy wife Emily in the fantastical flick “Escape From Tomorrow” which was famously filmed on the Walt Disney properties including Disneyland.
– A shining light of the indie film world, she has an amazing glow and if you’ve seen her on the red carpet, she’s pretty foxy too!
– She’s illuminates the screen once more as the trouble wife who is buckling under the strain of her marriage in “The Anniversary”.