Actress Spotlight: Carly Craig


The sensuous Carly Craig has surely endeared herself as one of the sexiest female comics ever and she’s primed to sizzle the planet this week. She takes on the persona of the blonde stripper Zane in the comedy “Flock Of Dudes” and as always is a scene stealer. As Zane, she’ll elicit plenty of laughs and does quip the memorable line “She usually gets nervous before a Gangbang”…LOL! You most definitely have to adore her! Moreover, Carly is equally ravishing as a brunette and has graced the pages of many top magazines including Esquire, Maxim, etc. She’s also proven to be an adept funny woman, drawing the giggles with her impressive comic timing in films such as Hall Pass, The Three Stooges and of course now in “Flock Of Dudes”. You certainly want to catch her in the upcoming comedy series “American Housewife” as she sweetens the female comic quotient alongside lead Katy Mixon. I’m blessed to be in contact with both these beauties and the dichotomy between perfect and not-so-perfect wives of this show is set to be amusingly appealing.


The combo of funny and sexy should be celebrated in all its forms as is Carly’s self-deprecating humour which is discernible on her Twitter page. Her ballsy profile reads “Chick who shit on the wall in Hall Pass” which is just so audacious of her. There’s every reason to make Carly your crush of the day/month/year!

Latin Vixen: Laura Londoño


Colombian minx Laura Londoño will put us all under her spell this week as she’s already generating quite the buzz. Playing the wife of notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar as portrayed by Benicio Del Toro in “Escobar: Paradise Lost”, she may already be at the cusp of stardom. The drama is screening at the Napa Film Festival where there’s plenty of luminaries and Laura must surely be one of the belles of the screen. When she breaks into Spanish onscreen, we are left swooning, hanging by her every word. Hispanic actresses are truly having an addictive effect on our senses and when they come in the heavenly form of Miss Laura, it’s makes anyone’s day. Just when you think you’ve seen some of the world’s sexiest women, a comely lady like Laura comes to take our breath away.

I came across several top 10 lists featuring Colombian entertainers with Sofia Vergara (What!!!) being at only number 3 and one can envision Laura being in those exclusive hot lists soon enough. She has graced the pages of Esquire Colombia and certainly exudes the art of sensuality. Her attractiveness does remind us of actress Liv Tyler which can only mean one thing, endless infatuation! Laura has dazzled in roles from a teen rebel to love interest and rightly so since she has the magic touch to keep us hooked for a very long time.